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Good Bye!

Yo! It has been a long time since my last blog post. My blog site has been on hiatus for a while now and I rarely open it anymore (I think I didn’t open my account for around 5 months). Yes, as seen from the title, I’m going to stop writing blogs for now. So, I just wanted to say thank you for everyone that supported me all through out this little blog of mine. It was a great experience as a way of expressing my interests and it also contributed to the improvement of my writing skills (e.g. by also reading other people’s blog posts). I am glad that our teacher decided to make this site our project (grade 9 and grade 10), it taught me many lessons and it made me joyous that other people read what I write about, people with same interests and same topics. Now the reason I’m going to stop writing is because I’m now going to a university this coming August. I will now become a grade 11 student and I think that I will have no time for writing blog posts anymore. Since I am an avid procrastinator, stopping from writing blogs will surely lessen my tasks to do for the day and it will also clear out my mind of thinking about writing blog posts. So, thanks again, to everyone that I became close with and to all my readers and supporters. Maybe I’ll come back to this site in the near future… who knows? Time will have its way… Have a good day and good bye!
Rrowbyte now signing off (for the meantime)…



My mom insisted that we should leave early to avoid traffic. So… me being a really punctual person, agreed to leave as early as possible. I’m glad that we left early because on the way going to the place, there has been some quite traffic along the road. But it got cleared on eventually. My estimation of our travel time was approximately 45 minutes; we got there at around 3:30, 30 minutes before the call time which is 4:00 in the afternoon. Arriving there, I saw some of my classmates (J-O, if you are reading this), they were quite few though, maybe because it was still really early to be there, but it’s fine. It’s better to be punctual than to be late.

So, I keep on chatting my classmate that there was some quite traffic if they will not leave soon. He didn’t really listen to me and he said that it was fine for him. Well, he didn’t actually got late on the assigned scheduled call time, so it’s fine for me whether he left early or not.

Early Morning of the Event

February 16, the day of the event, unfortunately, we the grade 10 students, had to wake up early to take a class picture at school. The High School Night event is still on a later time, it’s scheduled at 5:00 in the afternoon. So, the school decided to make us students go there at around 8:30 in the morning to get our class picture taken. Well, I don’t mind that but uhh… it’s really tiring to wake up early in the morning.

After the class picture is taken we all decided to went home. Me, I decided to take a detour and went to a convenience store to buy some cold coffee (I don’t know why I bought one but eh). I decided to walk from school to home rather than taking up a tricycle (a form of public transportation in our country). I got home, saw my mom preparing meals to eat. After I ate the bestowed food, it was still around 10 in the morning, I decided to rest for a while since the event is still later.

Practices and Practices

For this month, we the grade 10 and also the grade 9 students are going to have a what you can call a JS Prom. Well, its name has been changed to High School Night the reason being that we aren’t really considered as junior or senior high school students anymore. We are referred to as the grade 10 and grade 9 students; senior high school students are grade 11 and 12. So yeah, that’s the reason why the name is changed into “High School Night”.

The day after February 14, which is February 15, all we did at class was to practice and practice for the upcoming dance presentation on the 16th. The High School Night event is scheduled on the 16th of February… so a whole day of practicing before the event takes place. If you’re wondering what the dance is all about; every section is tasked to present one modern and one classical dance. So yeah, it’s pretty much a competition between the grade 10 and grade 9 students.

Second Runner Up (3rd Place)

For this day, we had an event wherein other schools in our area battle up in a quiz competition; this contest is what we call “Singkatalino”. So the participants of this competition compose of five students per school. The title for the competition was derived from the words cinco which is Spanish for five and talino which is Tagalog for intelligence. Hence cinco + talino = Singkatalino, can be defined as five intellectual students.

So I got picked to become one of the five members to represent our school. The only competitors are grade 6 students and grade 10 students of our school and of course the other school. The grade 6 students did a great job and they actually managed to become the champion for the grade 6 competitors. On the other hand, we got 3rd place, or as they call it “Second runner up”. We didn’t actually have the time to review thoroughly, but hey… at least we got a place. That’s better than nothing.

Unexpected Victory

After finishing the strenuous task required for the Science experiment, which involves making a somewhat visual aide that is intended to become a part of this stressful experiment, I convinced myself that I shall unwind myself. Not so long after the said activity, we were called by our Science educator for this so-called contest in a specific subject. I don’t really give a damn about these contests, to me, qualifying for it is merely enough and I don’t subject to winning.

To my surprise, I was the one that won the contest. I didn’t expect myself to be victorious for I have not read a single lesson for the said subject.  Guessing I relied more on my stock knowledge rather than actually reviewing the previous lectures. Though, it was an honor being the champion for this short contest.  It seems unfair to the ones that actually reviewed for the contest, but I doubt that anyone has actually scanned their notes as everyone in the class is somewhat pressured due to the numerous amounts of projects to do.

It Will Backfire To Us

Lately, we were having quite a lot of free times in our class schedule. Some teachers were not attending our class due to absence, or due to faculty meetings. Great for us students, right? Well actually, it is not… I have a feeling that those free times would backfire to us and would give us more work for the remaining months, especially February, where we will conduct our research and do our defense for it.

As Newton’s third law of motion says: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” A classmate of mine agreed with this statement, and also the same for me. We both had the feeling that the whole class would really have a hard time for the upcoming next month, which is February. We defined the month of February as a month full of procrastination, stress, and tears… but mostly tears.