ReLife – Overview


Kaizaki Arata is a 27 year old man who’s in the process of looking for another job after quitting his last company which he had only worked for 3 months. He seems to fail most of his job interviews resulting in him turning into an NEET.

One night, he met a strange man named Yoake Ryou; this man works at the ReLife Research Institute. He offered Kaizaki Arata a job if he will take part in the one year experiment of Yoake Ryou’s company. It was fair enough for Kaizaki as the company will cover up the expenses for the one year experiment and after it ends, a job will be immediately offered depending on the outcome of the experiment.

All Kaizaki was supposed to do was to take a drug which will then turn his appearance back into 17 years old. The task is to live life as a high school student again for a year. Being drunk the other night, Kaizaki Arata took the drug and later turned into a 17 year old boy in the morning. A 27 year old man in a 17 year old boy’s body… can Kaizaki Arata be able to adapt to a restart of life, a life of being a high school student once again?





+ High school life themed anime/manga yay!

+ Interesting character personalities.

+ Good for the laughs.

+ Can get somewhat emotional.



– You might hate a character with a stubborn tsundere personality.

– That’s all of I can think of lol.

Wacom Tablet Digital Art First Impression

I’ve been doing digital art using a Wacom tablet for a month now. I got my Wacom tablet last December as a gift from my dad. I thank him a lot for that for giving me a new way of doing art works. If you’re wondering, the digital tablet is Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch Small. I’m recommending it if you’re just starting out digital art.

Last September, I went to my classmate’s house to do some studying for our upcoming university entrance exams. I asked him if I could try out his Wacom tablet, the same as model as mine but he got Wacom Intuos Sketch; he agreed and let me try it out. At first, I thought it was really easy, it turns out that it’s a lot more different than drawing on a piece of paper. He also said that it was also hard to draw using a tablet and he prefers to draw traditionally instead.

Now the good thing about using a Wacom tablet or any other digital tablet is you can use programs such as Photoshop to make or draw something. An advantage of using Photoshop and other similar application is you can make a layer for sketch, a layer for outline, a layer for colors, etc.. That’s one thing that I like the most when drawing from a digital tablet. Though, it really is a lot different from a traditional way of making art. You might want to know a lot of shortcut keys when you’re planning to try out digital art, as you’re going to use ctrl + z a lot.

That concludes my overall first impression of using a Wacom tablet when drawing. It takes time and a lot of patience in order to improve in doing digital art. It’s the same as traditional drawing; you need to work hard and hard for you to improve.

End of Intramurals 2017

Last Friday (January 13) was the last day of our sports intramurals. Overall our team won for the best Jersey, our Muse won as Ms. Intramurals, Basketball Boys Champion, Volleyball Girls Champion, and Badminton Doubles Girls Champion, I think I might have not included some other things we won but that’s all I can remember.

I saw that our class did their best to play their games well and to have an enjoying game. In some games, our team got defeated but that didn’t stop them from trying to win other games that are left. I didn’t really participate in most of the games, but it’s alright for me as I’ve said in my previous posts, I’m not really that much of a sports person. Now, it’s back to a normal school schedule again now that the sports intramurals have now ended, which means that it’s back to lessons again…

Taste of Defeat

I joined the game for Badminton Doubles Boys and got to team up with my classmate. Our game was so long to be scheduled because of the change of plans and some players were quite long to show up for their game. I think on the third day of the sports intramurals, we actually got to play against other teams.

In our first game, we got defeated by the other year level. We said that it’s ok because we still have another chance to play and still have some chance to win. It’s a double out system, so if we lose one more, we’ll be out of the game.

In our second game… we lost again. I don’t know what happened to my partner but I think his mind was not in this world. He said that he didn’t felt like himself today and that’s why his play was quite bad during the game. I didn’t really got mad over the defeat, I jokingly trashtalked my partner a little though but not in a negative way, the same goes from him to me lol.

Intramurals 2017

Yearly our school has a sports intramurals or simply a sports fest. Normally this event is up to five days, which means a week of little to no lessons at all. All classes must participate in this event and each of the classes will battle each other to determine who will become the champion for a specific game (Basketball, Volleyball, and Badminton). I’m not much of a sports person, so whenever this event comes, I usually do nothing at all during the event. I participate in some games like Badminton and Volleyball, but not basketball because I’m not really into that sport and I don’t even know how to play it. So all I did when our class has a game was sleep or watch them play their game, I’m usually just a substitute but they seem to not need of me. Well, it’s 5 days of relaxing and nothing to do for the week.

It Will Backfire To Us

Lately, we were having quite a lot of free times in our class schedule. Some teachers were not attending our class due to absence, or due to faculty meetings. Great for us students, right? Well actually, it is not… I have a feeling that those free times would backfire to us and would give us more work for the remaining months, especially February, where we will conduct our research and do our defense for it.

As Newton’s third law of motion says: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” A classmate of mine agreed with this statement, and also the same for me. We both had the feeling that the whole class would really have a hard time for the upcoming next month, which is February. We defined the month of February as a month full of procrastination, stress, and tears… but mostly tears.

Back To Reality

Yesterday, we had our classes once again. I’ve never felt so tired at class and all I can think about was to go home and give myself a 5 hour sleep when I get back home after class. I think my body was used to resting because of the Christmas and New Year Vacation. Well, I think this month and also the following month are going to be really stressful for us students.

Projects, homeworks, and most of all, our research… For the remaining three months, I can sense that we would be doing a lot of this that I mentioned. I think I can only rest free of stress during the weekends. On weekdays, all I can do is do the projects, homeworks, etc., and immediately go back to sleep to prepare for the next stressful day at school. A hard challenge before we end our grade 10 high school life.

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