There’s still some Luck

This is a continuation of the previous post about my failed experiments.  So, as I was doing the experiments, I am really getting stressed over it and I got really stubborn to see a successful output. On my work table, it was highly unorganized, materials are scattered over the place and the worst part is two cups of water are near my smartphone and my laptop.

I didn’t pay attention to the two cups of water, until my cat decided to jump on to my table. Long story short he spilled the water and water got into the speakers of my smartphone and a tiny bit of water into my laptop. At first, I wiped my laptop and surprisingly, none of the internal parts got damaged. It then came to my senses that my smartphone also got wet. I hurriedly checked it out and wiped the water with a cloth. The splashed water got into the speaker and I thought to myself, “Shit… the speaker’s going to be busted.”

I was right, the sound that comes out of the speaker got rugged. I got even more pissed and really got stressed over. I then remembered this thing to do when you have an electric device that got wet. It is to put it in a bag of rice and wait overnight for the rice to suck the water out. I immediately put my smartphone in a bag of rice and hoped that nothing is damaged.

To my impatience, after about an hour, I opened the bag of rice and took out my phone. Now the holes are filled with grains of rice, however I managed to get them all out (I thought that I would be even more enraged). Now I boot up the smartphone and surprisingly, the sound’s back to normal again. I learned now my lesson: Under no circumstances, never have water near any electronic devices.


2 thoughts on “There’s still some Luck”

  1. Or maybe you should keep the cat away. Sorry, my cat once knocked a glass of pepsi onto my work laptop. I was less than impressed. Fortunately it was already a piece of garbage and apparently is immune to further damage by outside sources but the cat was firmly encouraged to stay away from my laptop after that.

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    1. Yep, I also kept the door of my room closed always to prevent my cats from entering it.
      I’m amazed by your laptop able to withstand that. If that was my laptop that got wet by a pepsi, guessing it would already be dead by now.

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