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Well I’m doing fine (slightly) and I just dropped by to say hi to y’all hehehehe.


ReLife – Overview


Kaizaki Arata is a 27 year old man who’s in the process of looking for another job after quitting his last company which he had only worked for 3 months. He seems to fail most of his job interviews resulting in him turning into an NEET.

One night, he met a strange man named Yoake Ryou; this man works at the ReLife Research Institute. He offered Kaizaki Arata a job if he will take part in the one year experiment of Yoake Ryou’s company. It was fair enough for Kaizaki as the company will cover up the expenses for the one year experiment and after it ends, a job will be immediately offered depending on the outcome of the experiment.

All Kaizaki was supposed to do was to take a drug which will then turn his appearance back into 17 years old. The task is to live life as a high school student again for a year. Being drunk the other night, Kaizaki Arata took the drug and later turned into a 17 year old boy in the morning. A 27 year old man in a 17 year old boy’s body… can Kaizaki Arata be able to adapt to a restart of life, a life of being a high school student once again?





+ High school life themed anime/manga yay!

+ Interesting character personalities.

+ Good for the laughs.

+ Can get somewhat emotional.



– You might hate a character with a stubborn tsundere personality.

– That’s all of I can think of lol.

Burning Bright – League of Legends

English Version:

Japanese Version:


For anyone wondering, the Star Guardian Skins are, well… skins for Champions (characters) in League of Legends. The Star Guardian Skins were featured for: Jinx, Lux, Janna, Lulu, and Poppy. I think that the skins are pretty much inspired from Sailor Moon.

I just wanted to share this ‘cause this music video is heavily inspired by anime even though it’s from a game. I know that the Star Guardian skins came out a week ago or two, I’ve lost track of it because of my busy schedule.

You may be wondering, why on earth Riot (LoL’s developer) would make such a thing. League of Legends is known to have a toxic and salty community. Despite that reason, there are also people in the community who like and watch anime. Maybe that’s the reason why they made more Star Guardian Skins and a music video for the SG skins.

The Church of Barasoain


The Barasoain Church is a Roman Catholic Church in Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines, that was built in the 1888s. The church holds many historical events that have occurred in the country. The three major events in the Philippine History that have happened in this church was: the convening of the First Philippine Congress (September 15, 1898); the drafting of the Malolos Constitution (September 29, 1898 to January 21, 1899); and the inauguration of the First Philippine Republic ( January 23, 1899).

(Source: Wikipedia)

This was our first destination, the Barasoain Church. I’ve been here often times for our Educational Fieldtrip in the past. So, I’m quite familiar with this place already. We didn’t stay here for so long as the main activities will be held in the other destination. The only activity here is we strolled around the area and also the inside of it, looking at the beautiful structure of the Church. The people who manage the Church, I think, gave us the students a short light and sound presentation which was quite nice and educational.

Trinity Seven Movie Due in February 2017

The official website for the upcoming anime film of Kenji Saito and Akinari Nao‘s Trinity Seven – The Seven Magicians manga unveiled a teaser, visual, and February opening date for the film on Friday. The video shows footage from the television anime, while the teaser shows Lilith and a mysterious girl.


The film will open in Japan in February in 16 theaters.

Yen Press is publishing the original manga in English, and it shipped the sixth volume on August 30. The company describes the series:


Arata Kasuga transfers to the Royal Biblia Academy to solve the mystery of the destruction that is ravaging the world and—more importantly—has stolen his cousin Hijiri from him. It’s a tough road that lies ahead of Arata, but nothing’s impossible when you have seven beautiful girls—each a master of her own magical art — at your side!

The television anime series will get a Blu-ray Disc box re-release in Japan on January 25 that contains all 12 episodes, as well as the anime bundled with the manga’s 11th volume.

The staff members all return from the manga’s television animeadaptation.

Hiroshi Nishikiori (I’m Gonna Be An AngelAzumanga DaiohA Certain Magical Index) is directing the film at Seven Arcs PicturesKenji Saitohimself is penning the script, with assistance from Hiroyuki Yoshino(Code Geass: Lelouch of the RebellionMacross FrontierStrike the Blood). Shinpei Tomooka (Inukami!Sekirei) designed the characters for animation, while Yasuhiro Moriki (Majestic PrinceD.Gray-man Hallow) is in charge of creature design. Tomooka is also credited as chief animation director. Akira Otsuka (Dog DaysMushibugyōRiddle Story of Devil) is credited with weapon design.

Other staff members include:

Saito and Nao launched the manga in Kadokawa’s (Fujimi Shobo‘s) Monthly Dragon Age magazine in 2011, and Kadokawa shipped the 15th compiled volume on August 9. Kadokawa will ship the 15th volume on August 9.

The 12-episode television anime series premiered in October 2014, and Crunchyroll streamed the anime as it aired in Japan. Sentai Filmworks released the series with an English dub on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on August 16.

(Source: Anime News Network)

I’ve always wanted to watch Trinity Seven; in fact, it’s on my plan to watch on MyAnimeList.  Some of my friends said it was good and they said that it resembles High School DxD. I tried watching few episodes of High School DxD once and I didn’t continue it because I lost interest of the extreme ecchi-ness of the series. It might be the same to Trinity Seven but what caught my interest is the art style of the show. I’ve decided to give Trinity Seven a try someday but I keep on forgetting until I completely forgot to watch it.

Now, I saw the news of an upcoming film of Trinity Seven. I remembered it again, the anime that I forgot to watch. Well, maybe I’ll watch the movie instead but I may not get the story of the movie. So, I might as well watch the TV anime series first.



Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Film Opening in Japan on February 18

The official website for the Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale anime film began streaming the film’s second teaser video on Sunday. The video introduces the film’s new characters. (The linked video is region-locked to Japan.)Aniplex of America also began streaming an English version of the trailer on Sunday.

The new characters and Aniplex of America‘s descriptions include:

Yuna, “an idol in the AR world of Ordinal Scale. If a player encounters her in the game, they can acquire special upgrades.”


Dr. Shigemura, “a developer and an authority on non-invasive BMI (Brain Machine Interface) research. He is also a professor in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department at Toho Technological University. Due to his radical theories on electrical physiology, his peers regard him as a crackpot.”


Eiji, “a mysterious young swordsman, who is the top ranked player in Ordinal Scale. Kirito and his friends encounter him during gameplay.”



The film will open in Japan on February 18 in 150 theaters, and will play in about 1,000 theaters worldwide.Aniplex of America confirmed the film’s overseas release. The company describes the movie’s story:

It’s just a game,or so I thought..

A brand new story written by original author, Reki Kawahara!! People everywhere were enjoying a new game called Ordinal Scale, an ARMMORPG developed exclusively for the Augma, a new wearable console designed for AR (augmented reality) gaming. But, the players had no idea that a nightmare from the virtual world was starting to spread into reality!! As his fellow players find themselves in danger, the hero is called upon once again.

Aniplex of America plans to release the film in spring 2017.


The film will feature a returning cast from the previous two anime series, including:

The film’s all-new original story takes place after the Mother’s Rosario arc, which was the final arc depicted in the TV anime’s second season. Original light novel author Reki Kawahara is writing the new story for the film. Tomohiko Ito is returning from the two TV anime series and the anime special to direct the film at A-1 PicturesShingo Adachi is also returning from the TV anime to design the characters based on abec‘s original character designs, and Yuki Kajiura is returning to score the music.

(Source: Anime News Network)

To be honest, this upcoming movie of Sword Art Online looks promising. I know that the TV anime series of Sword Art Online kind of has a neutral reputation. Yes, the first arc of the 1st season of SAO is somewhat good and pretty enjoyable, which is also known as the SAO arc. However, what really made SAO have a bad reputation is because of the second arc, which is also known as the ALO arc.

I’ve seen a lot of people hating on this particular arc. They’re saying that it’s sh*t, it’s full of harem, and most of all, wincest *winks*. Also, don’t forget about that blonde bastard. Well, I think that this arc holds a lot of potential if the story was written in a better way. Kirito was made to be more overpowered in this specific arc and… it is not really deconstructed on how he learned to access the Cardinal System.

Well, enough for the anime. For the movie like I said, it looks promising and I’m quite interested because of the movie’s original story that takes place after the Mother’s Rosario arc. I can’t help but say that I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie and I’m hoping that it doesn’t end up all harem-ish.

Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahō no Sho Light Novel Gets TV Anime Adaptation in Spring 2017


Kadokawa announced at the “Dengeki Bunko Aki no Saiten 2016” event on Sunday that author Kakeru Kobashiri and illustrator Yoshinori Shizuma‘s Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahō no Sho light novel series is getting a television anime series that will premiere in spring 2017.

Tetsuo Hirakawa (Kawa no HikariHori-san to Miyamura-kun) is directing the series at WHITE FOXRyosuke Kimiya (Akame ga KILL! animation director) and Daisuke Mataga (Patema Inverted character designer) are adapting Shizuma’s original character designs for animation. Infinite is producing the series.

 Yumiri Hanamori will star in the series as Zero, and Tsuyoshi Koyama will co-star as the mercenary. Additionally,Yō Taichi will play Albus.


The “grimoire fantasy” series follows a witch named Zero who is ignorant of the world and a half-beast half-human mercenary who longs to be human. Witches who practice sorcery exist in the world, however, in this era no one knows how about the art and study of witchcraft. Zero is going on a journey to search for a magical tome called “The Book of Zero” that hides a power that can destroy the world. The mercenary travels with her as her guard.

The novel series won the grand prize at the 20th Dengeki Novel Awards in 2013. Kobashiri and Shizuma launched the series in 2013, and Kadokawa published the seventh novel volume on August 10.

Takeshi Iwasaki launched a manga adaptation in Dengeki Maoh in 2014, and Kadokawa published the fourth compiled volume on August 9. Yasutake launched the Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahō no Sho nano! spinoff manga adaptation in Dengeki Maoh in October, and the first compiled volume will ship on October 8.

(Source: Anime News Network)

This upcoming anime adaption captured my interest because it will be made by WHITE FOX Studios. Also, it has the name Zero in it; I immediately thought up of Re:Zero just by looking at its title.

Judging by its story, it may be similar to the story of Re:Zero; it is set in another world, giving the RPG sense of vibe, and other supernatural concepts. I’m not really a big fan of fantasy genre when I just started watching anime, but as time goes by, I started to like and be fond of the fantasy genre.

So, I’m not quite familiar with the plot of this upcoming anime adaptation because I haven’t read the light novel of this. The art highly reminds me of Re:Zero and the main heroine looks a lot like IA from Vocaloid. I mean really, she resembles her a lot.