Infinity Dreams Award #2!

So Krystallina of Daiyamanga nominated me for the Infinity Dreams Award. This marks our second award for the Infinity Dreams category, Yay! Thanks Krystallina!



  1. List seven dreams. (They can be personal or website related.)
  2. Nominate seven other bloggers/authors/dogs for this award and notify them.


1. To go to Japan.
I always wanted to try to go to Japan. I want to experience the different cultures of other countries. But mostly, I want to visit Akihabara lol. Well, if I’m planning to go to Japan, I should start to study the Japanese language.

2. To make a manga.
Well, I always wanted to try to create my very own manga, my friends also wants to try to create our very own manga. I know it’s a lot of hard work, but it’s ok for us. I have a group of friends who’s already interested in making a manga, the only problem is the story and how we will draw it since we’re still in the stage of practicing on how to draw.

3. To make a lot of fan arts, mainly on anime characters.
I love to draw and I’m currently practicing a lot to be good at drawing. There’s still a lot of improvement that I need to undergo though.

4. To make our own light novel.
If we can’t handle making manga, We’ll just stick to something more simple. I have a lot of stories that comes up inside my head but I always forget to write them, so for the next day, I can’t remember the story that I made lol.

5. To become good at editing videos.
I also want to try to edit videos. I already have a powerful program that can edit videos, the problem is that my laptop is not that really high powered. I need like a gaming laptop to run this program smoothly. The reason why I want to be good at editing videos is that I want to try to create Anime MVs.

6. To have a PS Vita or PS4
I already own an Xbox 360 I don’t really have that much games. Xbox is already good but the reason I want a PS4 or a PS Vita because most of the anime related games are for PS Vita or PS4. Basically like Sword Art Online, I want to try to play those kinds of games.

7. To attend an anime convention where you guys are also there.
Well, I want to meet all of you guys. I’m talking about all of you guys who supports me, not just the ones who supports me but other bloggers who’s also into anime. It’s more fun if we can see each other personally.


  1. Takuto’s Anime Cafe
  2. Kuro Sama Reviews
  3. The Otaku Judge
  4. Matt-in-the-Hat
  5. Slice of Life
  6. The Reviewer’s Corner
  7. Wanimu

Now that ends the award for today. Once again, Thanks Krystallina! This will be my last blog for the month of September. I want to continue to blog because there has been so many events that have happened lately, but I have already reached 20 blogs for the month of September, so I’ll continue to blog next month (October).



The Dollars are regarded as a colored gang that has no colors, but it’s actually just an online group. Anyone is allowed to join but only through invitations. Basically, you have to know someone from the Dollars to join the group. The Dollars group doesn’t have any motive or purpose, so you’re free to do whatever you want.

The Dollars were originally created by Ryugamine Mikado and his group of online friends, it was meant as a joke, but the online group kept on expanding. Due to the expansion of the Dollars group, the other founders left the group in fear of causing some trouble, only Mikado was left to manage the group, making him the leader of the Dollars. The gang became more popular and it kept on growing.

Trivia : Although the gang appears to be named after American currency, the name is actually derived from the Japanese term “dara dara,” roughly translating to “useless” and “not doing anything.” This is because the gang was created with no purpose in mind, the gang rarely ever involve themselves in any group activities, and its members are “colorless” and “invisible,” only identifying themselves as Dollars when specifically asked.

(Source: )

If you really want to know what the Dollars site looks like, you can do so here by clicking this link:

I think it’s amazing that something from the anime world also exists in the real world. If you want to know the password. You should watch Durarara!!, because I’m not telling it lol, or maybe I should tell it? Ok fine I’ll say it, the password is baccano, there you go.

The Life of wearing Eyeglasses

So I decided to write this random post because the frame of my eyeglasses broke yesterday. Yeah, it was really hard without wearing eyeglasses because my vision was really blurry ever since when I was a child. Maybe when I was at the age of 11 years old I started to wear glasses.

However even though wearing glasses makes my vision more clear, there are some advantages and disadvantages when wearing glasses.



  1. Foggy lenses when drinking hot drinks like coffee.
  2. Frequently cleaning the lenses, I’m too lazy to clean it so I just leave it as it is lol.
  3. Frequently adjusting your glasses.
  4. Wearing glasses leaves a mark on the bridge of your nose.
  5. When raining it sometimes the lenses gets all foggy when wet.
  6. Most of all, when someone takes off your glasses then says “How many fingers am I holding up?”


  1. Visions become clear.
  2. Your surroundings and everything you see becomes HD.

Now those are some of the disadvantages and advantages for me. For the “How many fingers am I holding up?”, this question made me really go wat. My vision is just blurry, I’m not really blind or anything. It’s just that your fingers become really blurry.

I fixed my frame with the good ol’ tape technique but I I’ll try to find more ways to fix it properly lol.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 – Game Review

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is an indie point-and-click survival horror video game, and the third installment of the FNAF series developed by Scott Cawthon. Basically, all you have to do is to move your mouse or if you’re using a tablet to touch and look around the room. You just sit there and you try to survive the night.


The same as always, like from the past FNAF game. I actually started to play the first installment but I skipped the second installment and jumped to the third. They say that the second is the best, I’m going to play the second installment if I have the chance.

This time for the third installment, there are no doors or lights in the game. The game focused more on the audio and the vents. Basically there’s a maintenance panel that you can control, you can control whether if you want to seal a vent or to play an audio in a certain room.


Gameplay 3


I noticed some graphics improvements of the game. At first I played FNAF 3 at my tablet, then I decided to download the game in my pc. The graphics are better in my pc and the scroll is much more smoother. Maybe my tablet just doesn’t have enough RAM to run this game.

Gameplay 2

Jump scares

The jump scares where kinda like, how should I put this. Well, it’s kind of you know that there will be a jump scare. The third installment made the jump scares more obvious rather than from the first installment. You will hear something here, you will hear something there. Then all of a sudden, SPRINGTRAP APPEARS!


I haven’t finished the game up to Night 5 because I’m too lazy to finish it lol. It’s not like that I’m scared of playing the game or anything, B-B-Baka! No, really I’m just really lazy to finish a game.

Clannad: After Story – Review

“Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. You made me so happy. I don’t want you to be lost or afraid or anything like that. From here on out, I know things might be hard sometimes. But no matter what may await, please don’t regret meeting me.”
-Nagisa Furukawa


Clannad: After Story, the sequel to the critically acclaimed slice-of-life series Clannad, begins after Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa graduate from high school. Together, they experience the emotional rollercoaster of growing up. Unable to decide on a course for his future, Tomoya learns the value of a strong work ethic and discovers the strength of Nagisa’s support. Through the couple’s dedication and unity of purpose, they push forward to confront their personal problems, deepen their old relationships, and create new bonds.

Time also moves on in the Illusionary World. As the plains grow cold with the approach of winter, the Illusionary Girl and the Garbage Doll are presented with a difficult situation that reveals the World’s true purpose.

Based on the visual novel by Key and produced by Kyoto Animation, Clannad: After Story is an impactful drama highlighting the importance of family and the struggles of adulthood.

(Source: MyAnimeList Rewrite)


The story of Clannad: After Story focused more on Tomoya and Nagisa’s story. After they graduate from high school, Nagisa became Tomoya’s girlfriend. So basically, this sequel is the story about how Tomoya and Nagisa grows up. How they fight difficulties in their life together and on how they support each other in whatever they will do and also in their decisions.

The Illusionary World is also explained in this sequel. You know, the robot and the girl that you always see in the prequel, these characters are from another different world. You will find out who exactly those characters are.

Art & Sound

In the art nothing has changed from the prequel, just as good as always.

For the sound, although it’s the same from the prequel. The way they put the soundtracks for every scene is superb. They will really capture the emotion in you and will really make you feel the feels.


Now, the characters here in the story has now grown up. Basically they all aged but they’re still friends to each other. Not actually from the start of the first episode they’re already grown up, but in the later episodes you will see that they slowly start to grow up.

The character development of Tomoya and Nagisa is great. Especially Tomoya, having that kind of experiences really changed him from his past self. A lot of Tomoya’s problems have been solved here, problems that were from the prequel. But, although some of the problems have been solved, there came more problems which was even heavier than the old ones.

Also, there’s one extra character here. Should I say it already? I’m trying not to spoil you guys. Hmmmm, so I’ll just say it. The new character here is Ushio, I’ll just leave it to you guys if you want to know more about her. But I guess it’s really obvious because you might already know who she really is.


Overall, the sequel of Clannad is heartbreaking and will really capture your feels factor. I’m saying this early, you should prepare for a lot of feels if you’re planning to watch this anime. It’s good to start with the prequel so you’ll understand more the story of the sequel, and to also give more emotional factor. In this story, there is one thing that you least expected that will happen, for short worst case scenario. Basically this anime is about the joy and the worst nightmare of having a family. Now I will give my rating. 10/10, I consider this anime as a masterpiece because of how well it was written and of how it really relates to real life scenarios.


Exams once again!

Examinations determine our capability if we have learned something from the lessons of the teachers. We are given exams to know if we have truly understood the concept of the teacher’s lessons. Studying is really necessary. In order for us to pass the exams, of course we must study the lessons that are taught to us.


So this coming Monday (September 21, 2015), we will be having our second quarter long test. We have 2 exams per quarter; the one is the long test, which we are going to take this week, and the other one is the periodical test, which we are going to take I think next month.

Another tiresome week is coming slowly and slowly, I hope that I will survive this week. So starting tomorrow, I’ll start to review for the upcoming exam. Being a high school student sure is hard, what more if I reached college, I’m sure that it would be even harder than a high school life.

osu! – Game Review

“osu! – Rhythm is just a *click* away!”

osu! is a freeware rhythm game originally for Microsoft Windows, the game has been ported in to other different platforms, like OS X, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. This game is actually free to play, all you have to do is to visit their website, download the game, and have fun.


Basically, this game is a rhythm game, the levels in this game are called beatmaps. You can download beatmaps on their website, but for me, I mainly download anime song beatmaps. In each of the beatmaps, a song will be played and different hit elements will appear (hit circles, sliders, and spinners). You can use a graphics tablet if you want, or you can just use a mouse, it depends on you choice, but I would love to try to play osu! with a graphics tablet.


There are 5 default difficulties for this game, which are easy, normal, hard, insane, and expert. I can only play up to normal because the hard level is already too hard for me. But I tried hard once, man it was hard.


osu! has some difficulty modifiers that will change the gameplay. There are many mods in osu!, these mods may reduce the difficulty or may increase the difficulty, it depends on your choice, if you want to play it hard or easy. There are also special mods

Other game modes

osu! has several other game modes.


osu! gameplay

The standard game mode is osu!, which is you will click the hit circles that willl appear on your screen. I mainly play the starndard game mode.



Taiko uses only your mouse, or the keyboard letter of z and x, I think. This game mode is similar as you were hitting drums.

Catch the Beat

Catch the Beat

Catch the Beat uses your arrow keys. You must catch the beats that are falling from your screen.



osu!mania is like a keyboard style of rhythm game. Basically, like you’re playing the keyboard.

You can download the game here: