Row is a short version of my real name. I’m a male, don’t get confused by the cover image lol. I was born in the Philippines on November 21, 2000. So, I am currently a high school student as of today. I was influenced by my classmate to watch anime. Ever since I finished Mirai Nikki (the anime that got me addicted into watching anime), I started to become addicted in watching anime. I’m also a gamer ever since I was a child. PC games, consoles, PSP, NDS, Gameboy, it doesn’t matter as long as I enjoy the game that I’m currently playing. Though, my laptop is a bit old, so it doesn’t handle modern games that well. I’m currently hoping to own a gaming laptop, preferably an Asus ROG Series gaming laptop. I also like to draw when I was still young. I stopped drawing for a few years and I just recently got back up to drawing because of anime and manga. I can say that I’ve improved quite a bit, but I still need a lot of improvement.

I started blogging because it’s a requirement for our English subject in my school. I decided to blog about my interests, anime, games, or if I can’t think of anything to blog about, just random stuff. After months and months of writing blogs, I got to improve my writing skills and I easily noticed it when I looked back to one of my old blog entries. I also got to know a lot of awesome people (it’s you guys!) who share the same interests as me. As the school year ends, I plan to not stop writing blog entires, I would rather write blogs as a hobby of mine. So, always stay tuned on what Rrowbyte will become in the near future.

The proud owner of Rrowbyte


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    1. I’m not really planning to write blog awards at the moment ’cause it consumes a lot of time for it to be written. Maybe I’ll think about it huehue. But thanks for nominating me anyway. 😀

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