Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – Overview


Natsuki Subari is a just a normal shut-in NEET. One day, as Natsuki Subaru leaves the convenience store, he was unexpectedly transported into another fantasy world. By playing RPGs, he had good expectations for the world that he transported in, but things weren’t looking good for him.

Not long after he has been transported, he has been attacked by thugs; the only thing he has with him is a bag of groceries and his cell phone. Luckily, a peculiar beauty arrived before him. Satella, who was chasing after a thief that stole her insignia happens to see Subaru in his troublesome state and managed to save him from the thugs. Subaru then offered to help her search for her insignia as a way of saying thanks to the kind hearted girl.

They soon found where the insignia is located and quickly went to the location. But unknown to them is a dark force that lurks in the shadows that watches the two. Not so long after locating the insignia, Subaru and Satella were savagely murdered by the mysterious dark force.

However, Subaru awakens in a familiar scene – which was when he encountered the thugs. History repeated itself and he met Satella again. He later then found out that he has the ability to time leap when he is put to death, in which he later called it as “Return by De-”.






+ Unique story and has an original plot.

+ It went from 0 – 100 really quick.

+ The personality of the MC is good and a lot can relate to him.

+ Really dark, I mean a really really dark story.

+ RPG kind of vibe.


– The personality of the MC seems to not appeal to everyone.

– The community keeps on fighting on who is the best girl.


Kokoro Connect – Overview


Student Cultural Society – or StuCS for short, is a proposed club at Yamaboshi Academy that is intended for five students that have no clubs to join or fit in. This club includes these members: Taichi Yaegashi – who is apparently a hardcore wrestling fan; Himeko Inaba – a calm computer geek; Iori Nagase – a vague person who always thinks positive in life; Yui Kiriyama – a rather dainty girl who is a karate professional; and Yoshifumi Aoki – the one who likes to make jokes among the members.

One day, Yui and Aoki experience a rather strange phenomena, they switched bodies for a short period of time without them even knowing. This paranormal incident then later started to occur randomly amongst the five members of the club. The friends then soon discovered each of their hidden secrets and emotional things that have happened to them in the past because of the supernatural incidents that is happening. In which that it may tear their friendship apart.





+ Feels.

+ More Feels.

+ It has comedy in it but it is also mixed with drama.


– (I can’t think of a CON for this anime).

Mirai Nikki – Overview


Amano Yukiteru is a boy in his 2nd year of middle school. He has trouble making friends and he’s often alone and have no one to talk to, except his imaginary friend, Deus Ex Machina. He always write down everything that he see in his cell phone, like a diary of some sort.

Little did he know that his imaginary friend is apparently the Lord of Time and Space. He was talking to a powerful being without even knowing it. Deus Ex Machina, after seeing Amano Yukiteru’s sorrowful life, decided to give him a new power or ability. His cell phone diary now possesses the power to record events that will happen to him in the future. Though, not all good things will happen to him in the future. There is a chance that he will get a DEAD END, which is his death flag.

After having the ability, he is forced to participate in a so called “Survival Game” whose winner will decide in who will become Deus Ex Machina’s inheritor.




+ Great fighting scenes.

+ Dark story.

+ Survival game.

+ Has a lot of plot twists.


– You may not like the character development of the MC.

– Yuuukkiiii (Wait, is this a con? Maybe, because it annoyed the heck out of me).

Akame ga Kill – Overview



Night Raid – a group of assassins that is formed to dethrone Prime Minister Honest, who uses the child emperor’s inexperience for his own advantages and for power and bringing corruption to the nation. Though, the Night Raid members include experienced killers, taking the lives of people brings a high risk of punishment. Thus, their relentless way of helping the nation holds dangerous consequences that has a possibility of threatening their lives.

Tatsumi  is a boy from a remote village who embarked on a journey to the nation to help his hometown. Unexpectedly, Tatsumi became a member of Night Raid. He later then learned the corruption of the government and vowed to make everything right. Facing powerful opponents, powerful assassins, and powerful weapons, he strives to do the very best he can do to become what is truly known to be an assassin.





+ Great fighting scenes.

+ Gives an RPG kind of vibe.

+ Swords, weapons, and more weapons.


– You may not like the ending.

– The story/ending is different from the manga (based from a friend of mine who read the manga).

Date A Live – Overview


Spacequake – an unexplainable natural disaster that ravaged East Asia and took the lives of 150 million people thirty years ago. Now in the future, a Spacequake is now a common happening. Shidou Itsuka is a high school second year that lives alone along with his little sister.

While at school, a Spacequake suddenly emerges. Shidou ignored the Spacequake warning and rushed to save his sister. He got caught in the explosion and finds himself an odd-looking girl. This girl was in fact a Spirit – a powerful being from another world that causes Spacequakes when they arrive from this world. Luckily, Shidou was rescued by the Anti-Spirit Strike Team.

This task force’s purpose is to exterminate the Spirits. Shidou then discovered another way to counteract the Spirits in a more peaceful way: to make them fall in love. Now, Shidou holds the responsibility to date the Spirits in order to save the world from getting destroyed.




+ Superb animation.

+ Ecchi (Really?).

+ Soundtracks are great.

+ Moe characters.


– Some of you may or may not like ecchi fan services.

– The plot is kinda lame.

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou- Overview


Kazunari Usa is a high school freshman who decided to live alone in a new boarding house due to his parents work. Kawai Complex – the new boarding house that he’s going to stay in. Excited for being finally alone and free, he then later discovered that the boarding house that he’s going to stay in is full of weird people.

The residents of Kawai Complex are quite extraordinary. Kazunari Usa unexpectedly became roommates with the pervert that he met earlier before going to the boarding house. Shirosaki is known to be a pervert and a masochist. Various weird residents are also living in the Kawai Complex. Mayumi Nishikino, an office lady who drinks a lot and hates couples because of her unlucky connection with men. Sayaka Watanabe, a college student who likes to trick men and lead men on.

Kazunari Usa decided to leave the residence because of the strange residents. As he was about to leave, he ran into his senior student Ritsu Kawai. He immediately got attached to Kawai Ritsu. Knowing that his senpai stays in the Kawai Complex, he decided to stay in the boarding house.




+ If you liked Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo.

+ It has slight ecchi. (Wait, is that a pro?)

+ Comedy and good for the laughs.


– Slow romance development.

Shirobako – Overview



Aoi Miyamori, Ema Yasuhara, Midori Imai, Shizuka Sakaki, Misa Toudo, the five members of the Kaminoyama High School Animation Club made their very first amateur animation and showed it to an audience at a culture festival. Their work turned out to be a success and they later turned what they did into their dream – to get jobs in the anime industry and create astonishing things.


Two and a half years later, Aoi Miyamori and Ema Yasuhara, two members of the club, have made their dreams into a reality. Now they have a job at a known production company called Musashino Animation. Working at an animation industry may seem really easy at first, but the girls later discovered that the animation industry is a tough job to have. The dream of working in the anime industry turns out to be one of the hardest and stressful jobs that you can ever think of.



+ Depicts how the anime industry works.

+ You will watch an anime in an anime.

+ You’ll learn how an anime is produced or created.



– Some episodes can get boring sometimes.