Date A Live – Overview


Spacequake – an unexplainable natural disaster that ravaged East Asia and took the lives of 150 million people thirty years ago. Now in the future, a Spacequake is now a common happening. Shidou Itsuka is a high school second year that lives alone along with his little sister.

While at school, a Spacequake suddenly emerges. Shidou ignored the Spacequake warning and rushed to save his sister. He got caught in the explosion and finds himself an odd-looking girl. This girl was in fact a Spirit – a powerful being from another world that causes Spacequakes when they arrive from this world. Luckily, Shidou was rescued by the Anti-Spirit Strike Team.

This task force’s purpose is to exterminate the Spirits. Shidou then discovered another way to counteract the Spirits in a more peaceful way: to make them fall in love. Now, Shidou holds the responsibility to date the Spirits in order to save the world from getting destroyed.




+ Superb animation.

+ Ecchi (Really?).

+ Soundtracks are great.

+ Moe characters.


– Some of you may or may not like ecchi fan services.

– The plot is kinda lame.


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