Death Note – Overview


Death Note – a notebook capable of killing a person just by being able to see the victim’s face and writing their name on the notebook. Ryuk, a god of death, got bored in the shinigami realm and in his interest he decided to drop a Death Note into the human realm.


At class, Light Yagami saw the falling notebook to the ground. He decided to pick it up and believed the Death Note was some sort of joke or a  prank made by people. At home, he tests the notebook by writing a criminal’s name that is shown in the television. To his surprise, the notebook truly has the capability of killing a person with just a simple writing of a name.


Light then decides to rid of all the criminals using the deadly notebook. He dreams of a world where crime doesn’t exist and he will reign over that world as the new god. However, Light faces an enemy, the police. More specifically, a detective known as L will try to solve the mysterious deaths of the criminals.


+ Has a great story.

+ The soundtracks are superb and really capture the mood.

+ Awesome and epic writing scenes.

+ Potato chips.


– The art is normal and it’s usually the classic style of art.

– The puzzles can get you confused sometimes.


7 thoughts on “Death Note – Overview”

  1. It is amazing how cool they manage to make writing in a notebook look. The way they build drama around some fo those scenes is intense given how little is actually happening.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I see. Well, the manga always has the full content and it’s only natural that a lot will prefer the manga’s ending. I haven’t read the manga though.


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