Burning Bright – League of Legends

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For anyone wondering, the Star Guardian Skins are, well… skins for Champions (characters) in League of Legends. The Star Guardian Skins were featured for: Jinx, Lux, Janna, Lulu, and Poppy. I think that the skins are pretty much inspired from Sailor Moon.

I just wanted to share this ‘cause this music video is heavily inspired by anime even though it’s from a game. I know that the Star Guardian skins came out a week ago or two, I’ve lost track of it because of my busy schedule.

You may be wondering, why on earth Riot (LoL’s developer) would make such a thing. League of Legends is known to have a toxic and salty community. Despite that reason, there are also people in the community who like and watch anime. Maybe that’s the reason why they made more Star Guardian Skins and a music video for the SG skins.


Water Survival

I wouldn’t call it as a fully Water Survival Activity. The instructors only gave us a brief introduction about water survival and have some volunteers to do it. Luckily, I wasn’t picked by the instructor to volunteer. Due to the lack of time, the instructor didn’t make us do the said water survival technique. Because the land activities took so much time, they had to cut some water activities to adjust the plan. We did some activities in the water, and again, we already did those activities so we know how to finish it. After that, we had our free time. We were free to do whatever we want, whether it is to eat, to sleep, to swim, anything, as long as you’re inside the resort of course. And… that’s pretty much about it for the Water Survival Activity and I think I had some fun. But I still prefer the zipline and rappelling though.

Teambuilding Activity

After the two main activities, we proceeded to do the Teambuilding Activities. We already knew the activities that were prepared for us ‘cause we already did it in our Educational Fieldtrip last year. As the title says, this activity needs teamwork and cooperation of each member. Our class was divided into two groups. Let’s say that the other group’s name is Team “M”, and our group’s name is Team “P”. Overall, our group won the teambuilding activities against the other group.

What’s the secret to our team’s victory? It’s simply teamwork and a lot of patience. The activities that were prepared need a lot of patience. One false move of a member and it’s back to the start. So, the only thing that the members need to do was to have patience, cooperate with the team, communicate properly, and trust each other. Our victory is as simple as that.

Stealth Level Increased


The same like in the zipline activity. I have the feeling of nervousness, but it was rather not strong this time. I then thought and imagined myself as one of those soldiers in Call of Duty that is going to rappel down from a high place to the ground. I heard the screams of my classmates as they were going down the platform. There are really some people that are afraid of heights but rest assured for we have safety harness attached to our body. When it was my turn to rappel down, I felt the cold sensation of the wind blowing through the air. I looked at the ground saw my classmates looking at me. Without hesitation, I jumped and rappelled down the platform. I felt like I was one of those soldiers in Call of Duty and I think that my stealth level has increased. Like in the zipline, I felt that it was short and it would have been better if it was a little higher.

Eagle Vision


The moment I was at the top of the platform, I can feel my pulse rate gradually getting faster over time. I tried to relax myself by thinking that it’s similar to the gameplay of Assassin’s Creed. I imagined myself that I’m an assassin, activating his eagle vision to seek for his prey. As I was at the top, ready to jump in the sky, I breathed one last time, a person assisted me in setting up and I… jumped, allowing the zipline to carry me around to the other platform. The nervousness suddenly went away and I’m amazed by the spectacular view of the ground from above. I was amazed that I can’t help myself but to look at the surroundings. I thought the zipline was long but it was rather short than I have expected. There I was approaching the other scaffold, a person waiting for me to assist me in getting out. I was trembling when I got on the platform, it was not nervousness but it was rather excitement perhaps. I long for a longer and higher ride if I am given the chance one day.

Sitio Antonio Wave Pool Resort


The next destination, which I think is awaited by most of the students, was Sitio Antonio Wave Pool Resort that is also located in Bulacan. At first I thought that it was only water activities that we were going to do. I was wrong for I have seen a scaffold for a zipline and for rappelling. We were later instructed that we are all going to try the zipline and the rappelling. It’s not just all about water activities; there are land activities involved as well.

I got the feeling of excitement and at the same time the feeling of nervousness. We the grade 10 students were the first batch to try the zipline at the resort. There were also some Teambuilding activities that were prepared for us after finishing the main land activities. Maybe after lunch is when we got to do the water activities involving swimming and water survival.

The Church of Barasoain


The Barasoain Church is a Roman Catholic Church in Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines, that was built in the 1888s. The church holds many historical events that have occurred in the country. The three major events in the Philippine History that have happened in this church was: the convening of the First Philippine Congress (September 15, 1898); the drafting of the Malolos Constitution (September 29, 1898 to January 21, 1899); and the inauguration of the First Philippine Republic ( January 23, 1899).

(Source: Wikipedia)

This was our first destination, the Barasoain Church. I’ve been here often times for our Educational Fieldtrip in the past. So, I’m quite familiar with this place already. We didn’t stay here for so long as the main activities will be held in the other destination. The only activity here is we strolled around the area and also the inside of it, looking at the beautiful structure of the Church. The people who manage the Church, I think, gave us the students a short light and sound presentation which was quite nice and educational.