Technical Revival

I’ve tried everything; I’ve disassembled it; I’ve taken a look at the internal parts and I’ve also cleaned it at the same time. But to no luck, my laptop won’t still boot and would show a black screen whenever I power it on. I immediately thought on how hard the days would be if my laptop is broken. This is the worst time for it to be broken as I have lots of projects and tasks to do that involve using a computer. I’ve tried every possible way I can think of to fix it but unfortunately it was as good as dead.

I had given up and just decided to read a book. This novel is titled “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and I pretty much enjoy it so far. This was the second time I started to like another novel as I often not read that much.

I slept believing that my computer is gone for good, but I somehow still have some little hope, hoping for it to come back to life. Early morning, I checked on my laptop one last time before I even go to school. To my surprise, I saw a speck of life as it showed the “ASUS” logo. It then showed a white screen after the logo. I turned it off quickly and decided to boot it in Safe Mode. Surprisingly, I was able to access my desktop. I did a quick scan to check if it has some viruses but it found none. I then restarted it and booted it back to normal mode.

It was a miracle, I don’t know how it got fixed and I don’t know the problem on why it won’t boot up. But, the important thing is it came back to life and I got to experience this so-called “Technical Revival”.


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