Teambuilding Activity

After the two main activities, we proceeded to do the Teambuilding Activities. We already knew the activities that were prepared for us ‘cause we already did it in our Educational Fieldtrip last year. As the title says, this activity needs teamwork and cooperation of each member. Our class was divided into two groups. Let’s say that the other group’s name is Team “M”, and our group’s name is Team “P”. Overall, our group won the teambuilding activities against the other group.

What’s the secret to our team’s victory? It’s simply teamwork and a lot of patience. The activities that were prepared need a lot of patience. One false move of a member and it’s back to the start. So, the only thing that the members need to do was to have patience, cooperate with the team, communicate properly, and trust each other. Our victory is as simple as that.


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