Stealth Level Increased


The same like in the zipline activity. I have the feeling of nervousness, but it was rather not strong this time. I then thought and imagined myself as one of those soldiers in Call of Duty that is going to rappel down from a high place to the ground. I heard the screams of my classmates as they were going down the platform. There are really some people that are afraid of heights but rest assured for we have safety harness attached to our body. When it was my turn to rappel down, I felt the cold sensation of the wind blowing through the air. I looked at the ground saw my classmates looking at me. Without hesitation, I jumped and rappelled down the platform. I felt like I was one of those soldiers in Call of Duty and I think that my stealth level has increased. Like in the zipline, I felt that it was short and it would have been better if it was a little higher.


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