Eagle Vision


The moment I was at the top of the platform, I can feel my pulse rate gradually getting faster over time. I tried to relax myself by thinking that it’s similar to the gameplay of Assassin’s Creed. I imagined myself that I’m an assassin, activating his eagle vision to seek for his prey. As I was at the top, ready to jump in the sky, I breathed one last time, a person assisted me in setting up and I… jumped, allowing the zipline to carry me around to the other platform. The nervousness suddenly went away and I’m amazed by the spectacular view of the ground from above. I was amazed that I can’t help myself but to look at the surroundings. I thought the zipline was long but it was rather short than I have expected. There I was approaching the other scaffold, a person waiting for me to assist me in getting out. I was trembling when I got on the platform, it was not nervousness but it was rather excitement perhaps. I long for a longer and higher ride if I am given the chance one day.


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