115th Blog Post

This would be my 110th post for the school year. I’ve now completed the 110 blog entries (I actually exceeded by 5 posts because I wrote blog entries when it was vacation, which is not counted) requirement for our English subject. It was fun writing blog entries and I’m planning to continue in doing so. Though, things will be different this time. Instead of writing 20 blogs per month, I will now be writing blogs freely, which means I’m not going to do the 20 blogs per month anymore. I can now freely decide on when I’m going to write, whether I’m in the mood or if there’s a special news related to anime.

Hope to keep seeing you guys in the future. More things to come from me and more things to come from you guys also. I may not always write blog entries because the most possible thing that I’ll do during the vacation is relax, but I’ll try to write something when I feel like it.


Fare Thee Well, Potaytoe

Potaytoe, I’ve been checking your website ever since we’ve shared website addresses to each other. I usually visit your blog if I have nothing to do or if I have some spare time. One thing’s for sure is that you surely write random things, which I don’t exactly get the point on why you’re writing on such a random topic. I guess that’s the reason why you made your blog title as “Random things and the like”. We have the same concept of idea, I too write about random things, but I mainly focus on writing about anime related things. Though you’re blog entries maybe random, I actually had fun reading your blog entries. I know that you’re reading this and I might as well say my farewell if you’re planning to quit writing blogs. For me if you’ll ask, I plan to continue making blogs and maybe make it as a hobby of mine. I get the point why you decided to stop writing blog entries. Procrastination sure is an enemy to all of us, but you actually got to finish the 110 blog entries for the school year. So, before I bid my farewell, I first want to congratulate you for reaching 110 blog entries. Congratulations!

Fare thee well, Potaytoe, owner of Random things and the like.

Finished Dubbing

We finally got to finish dubbing the characters of our radio drama project (Romeo and Juliet). All that’s left is the editing, which is I’m in charge of it, with the help of my assistant classmate. A felt a little sense of accomplishment, but not fully because it’s still not finished yet, there’s still the editing stage of the project. We threw a party after we finished dubbing the characters. Me and my classmate would usually call this party as a “low-end party”.

The term low-end party originated when some of our friends, including me, went to my classmate’s house to celebrate his birthday. We brought laptops and pocket wi-fis to play League of Legends. What made the party low-end is because of our low end laptops and a crappy wi-fi network (the internet speed is really slow here in the Philippines). Plus, cheap foods like cheap pizza and some softdrinks, though they’re delicious and we actually enjoyed it. Now, we officially use the term “low-end party” when we’re going to throw a party.

So, today we had another low-end party but everything’s fun and enjoyable. The same thing like last time, low-end laptops, crappy internet, cheap-ass pizza, and softdrinks. Too bad one of my classmate didn’t got to attend. It’s actually Potaytoe who didn’t got to attend. Well, he’s done with his lines anyway. If you’re reading this Potaytoe, you’ll pretty much die from laughter when we’ve recorded the grunts of the characters.


2nd String? More Like 2 Strings

Last Thursday, I bought a guitar string (2nd) for my classmate because I accidentally broke his 2nd guitar string. At home, I think I accidentally misplaced it and couldn’t seem to find it. Today I bought another one and it just randomly appeared out of nowhere. I was like, “Are you kidding me? I already searched it there before.” I was like WTF and I felt that the string or a ghost is pulling a prank on me. I then told the story to my classmate and he said that items function like loots (he’s really into RPG). B-but I don’t need an extra string. I might as well just sell it to another player in need, or just keep it as my own as an extra item.

Will It Change The Future?

I thought about something in relation with what happened to me today. Let’s go back to when I went back home from school. I was originally planning to take a nap and rest because I feel really exhausted, but I decided not to and just decided to continue doing my projects. My mouse broke around the time of 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm (Philippine Time). Usually, when I take a nap, I would normally wake up at around 9:00 pm. A thought crossed my mind after my depression slowly depleted away. What if I decided to take a nap, will it prevent the mouse from breaking? It’s kinda like a visual novel game, where you choose different routes and arcs which will result in different kind of endings.

If I could time travel, the most likely thing that I would do is go back in time and see the result. But, I’m having a huge guess that it would end up like in Steins;Gate. I might prevent that incident from happening, but only for a short time. You could say that the most possible thing that would happen is the happening of the incident will just be delayed for a time.

Let’s try to think that I’ve actually traveled back in time, let’s call this timeline as Timeline B. So, I went home from school and decided to take a nap. I wake up at 9:00 pm and decided to do my projects. Around the time of 10:00 pm, the same thing happened and my mouse broke like it was in the previous timeline. So, in timeline A the original timeline), my mouse broke at around 9:00 pm. In timeline B, it just got delayed and broke at around 10:00 pm. I’m guessing that this is the highest possible result if I would actually go back in time, pretty much like Steins;Gate.

Bad Luck Wednesday

As I was doing my project, which is making a layout for a tarpaulin, I noticed something strange coming from my gaming mouse. The mouse scroll seems to be rough and I think after a few minutes, the mouse scroll won’t function anymore. I tried to open the mouse to see if it’s just a loose screw, but I can’t seem to find on why it’s malfunctioning. I saw something in the internal parts which seems to be broken, I then lost hope and declared that my mouse is officially broken. I know that I can always buy a new one, but I always get depressed easily, even with simple matters like a broken mouse. I got this mouse on my birthday, which is a gift from my parents, and I’ve been only using it for at least 2 months. I hope I’ll feel better once I sleep this problem away.

IBM Japan Announces Sword Art Online Virtual Reality Project

IBM Japan has announced Sword Art Online: The Beginning, a virtual reality project that aims to realize the world of the popular Sword Art Online light novel series.

Rather than use a controller, the game will be played by moving your body. Reki Kawahara, creator of the Sword Art Online series, calls it “completely different from any game experience so far.”

The project uses a a next-generation computing system called the “Cognitive System” that supports human decision-making, as well as “SoftLayer,” IBM’s high performance cloud system that produces the ambiance of a real world.

At the official website , IBM are taking applications  until March 4 for a prototype alpha test to be held between March 18 and 20 in Tokyo. A total of 208 applicants will be accepted.


(Source: Gematsu )


This is the start of the future gaming technology! Maybe someday near the future, technology will evolve and we will be closer in imitating the NerveGear. Though, we don’t want to get stuck in the game like in Sword Art Online lol. A more advanced gaming experience is getting closer and closer and it develops and improves as time goes by.