115th Blog Post

This would be my 110th post for the school year. I’ve now completed the 110 blog entries (I actually exceeded by 5 posts because I wrote blog entries when it was vacation, which is not counted) requirement for our English subject. It was fun writing blog entries and I’m planning to continue in doing so. Though, things will be different this time. Instead of writing 20 blogs per month, I will now be writing blogs freely, which means I’m not going to do the 20 blogs per month anymore. I can now freely decide on when I’m going to write, whether I’m in the mood or if there’s a special news related to anime.

Hope to keep seeing you guys in the future. More things to come from me and more things to come from you guys also. I may not always write blog entries because the most possible thing that I’ll do during the vacation is relax, but I’ll try to write something when I feel like it.


16 thoughts on “115th Blog Post”

    1. It’s really different as of today. We were also required to make essays a long time ago, I think that was when I was a first year student in high school. Essays were really hard to make, but today, I think I kind of improved in writing essays lol.

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