Where It All Started

When I was young, about the age of 12 years old, I like to mess up with my phone’s system a lot. One day, I saw a tutorial on YouTube on how to change a phone’s kernel version. So me being the type to mess with things, I tried to change my phone’s kernel version. My phone was a Samsung Galaxy Y back then, so it was easy it modify because it’s an android phone. I actually got to change the kernel version of my phone and I was glad that I didn’t mess things up. I was also proud of myself back then.

I think one week has passed, after I modified my phone, I started to get bored with the modification that I made. I want to revert my phone back to it’s original state but I can’t seem to do it. I didn’t know what to do so I asked my mom to accompany me to go get it repaired. I didn’t actually got scolded, my mom was rather impressed because I modified my phone all by myself. At the store, the employee who was going to repair my phone asked my mom about who modified my phone. My mom said that I modified it by myself and the employee was impressed. He actually praised me because of what I did at a young age. I didn’t got the chance to say thank you because I was really shy back then. After he repaired my phone, he then said that I’ll be able to do greater things like this in the near future. I was honored by what he said and got me motivated to explore more and more things related to computer and technology.

As of today, I would like to believe that everything he said came true. In the year 2013, when I started to become a high school student, I expanded my knowledge in computer related things and did researches, I also got to learn Adobe PageMaker. In the year 2014, our lesson in our Computer subject were HTML and JavaScript. Programming in my opinion was the hardest lesson in our Computer subject that I’ve ever faced. Before 2014 ends, I got interested in learning Photoshop and MovieMaker. As of 2015, I decided to keep on learning more about Photoshop and Video Editings. I didn’t got the chance to ask the name of that employee 3 years ago, but I would like to say thank you for the thing you said and for keeping me motivated.


11 thoughts on “Where It All Started”

    1. Here I am doing the last projects before school ends. I’ve been really busy last week and projects keep appearing out of nowhere. I want to sleep, but I can’t, I need to finish my work. I’m fine physically but my mind wants to rest so badly. :/


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