Hyouka – Overview

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Houtarou Oreki is what you can call the typical lazy student. He would always conserve his energy and would not do things that aren’t supposed to be done by him. However, he ended up joining the Classics Club at school because of his sister’s command.

The Classics Club may seem normal but there is actually a deep story of the club’s history. Oreki was forced to investigate the 45-year old mystery of the club room by Eru Chitanda – the girl who is always curious.Along with the other club members, Satoshi Fukube and Mayaka Ibara, they seek to find the hidden history of the said club.

Hyouka depicts that a normal life can also have some mysteries in it, whether it’s history, a short film or even ghost stories. But what does Hyouka really stand for? What does it represent or define? Mysteries are yet to be solved by the energy-conservative Houtarou Oreki.





+ Made by Kyoto Animation.

+ Mystery.

+ Slice of life and… pretty much slice of life.

+ Watashi Kininarimasu.


– Some episodes may get boring because of the mysteries.

– You have to pay close attention as you might get confused about the puzzles.



Highschool of the Dead – Overview

One day, while Takashi Kimuro is outside the class, he saw an odd looking man that is at the school’s front gate. The teachers decided to confront the strange man and by a surprise, the man had bitten one of the teachers. This teacher that was bitten later got infected and also turned into one of ‘them’ – the dead that have come back to life.

The virus then started to spread throughout the campus. Takashi Kimuro along with his best friend and his best friend’s girlfriend, Rei Miyamoto got to safety while a lot of their schoolmates got bitten and got infected by the virus. Unfortunately, Takashi’s best friend got bitten and he was forced to kill his own best friend. Takashi then vowed to protect Rei Miyamoto from the unexplainable outbreak.

Takashi and Rei then later teamed up together with other student survivors. These include: Saeko Busujima – the president of the Kendo Club; Kouta Hirano – an otaku obsessed with guns; Saya Takagi – the daughter of a politician; and Shizuka Marikawa – their somewhat you may call their ‘hot’ nurse.





+ Apocalyptic theme and story.

+ Awesome soundtracks and the art style fit the characters.

+ Guns, gore, blood and more.


– Irrelevant ecchi scenes.

– Defying the law of physics.

– Unexplainable boob physics.

Kimi no na Wa – Overview


Mitsuha is a high school girl that lives in the countryside. She lives a normal life but she’s getting a bit tired of living in the countryside. She then wanted to live in a city, preferably Tokyo. Taki is a high school student that lives in Tokyo. He works as a part-timer at an Italian restaurant. He also excels in fine arts involving architecture.

One day, Mitsuha dreamt that she herself turned into a young man that lives in Tokyo. However, Mitsuha wasn’t the only one that had a dream like this. Additionally, Taki also dreamt that he had become a female high school student that lives in the countryside.

It is later revealed that Mitsuha and Taki were swapping with each other’s bodies. Hence, it was the reason of the weird dream that they keep on seeing. But, was it just really a dream? Or all of the things that they saw actually happened in real life. What is really going on in this mysterious and beautiful story?





+ 11/10 (Seriously).

+ Really really really really beautiful story.

+ Body swapping concepts.

+ Great characters and art style.

+ It will blow your mind

+ Masterpiece


– It will blow your mind (I think this is more of a PRO).

Retreat: Day 3


Day 3, the last and final day of the Retreat. This is basically our free time and we can do whatever we want. There was a pool so we decided to go there after eating our breakfast. Some went to the pool; some stayed in their cabins and just went to sleep. I know, I was also tired and I actually wanted to sleep also, but I decided to go to the pool since it’s our last day of the Retreat.

I have nothing much to say about this day because it mostly just involved travelling and going home. But, a difference is, we’re going home with lots of life lessons learned. We’re not just going home without learning something; we’re going home with a lot of lessons learned and also applying those lessons that have been taught to us

I had fun in this 3-Day Retreat Activity. It helped me to understand more about myself and my problems and it helped me to also understand others. Truly this one is one of the best experiences that have happened in my life.

Retreat: Day 2


The second day of the retreat focused more on group activities. We were divided again by groups like last time. The activities on day two were a lot harder than on day one. First and foremost, one of the earlier activities was to create a flag for the team and a cheer making. I got picked to become the leader for this first activity and I can say that I cringed really hard in this activity. I’m not saying that it’s bad. There were some dead airs in the cheer so in order to get rid of it, I need to shout our group name and run around the premises while screaming.

On the morning activities, the activities were divided into stations. So, each group will go to a corresponding station and perform the said task. We got Station 3 to do it first and it was the hardest amongst all the 3 Stations. This activity was done in the pool and I can say that it was fun but really hard. We ended up losing the first activity. The second one was Station 2. This activity involved us getting covered in dirt. My shirt got really dirty and was covered with stains. The worst part is, the colour of the shirt I’m wearing is white. Nevertheless, this activity seemed also fun to me. The last activity that we did was in Station 1, and possibly the easiest of amongst all of them. It just needed patience and focus of mind. We performed rather bad in this activity and I sensed that we were in 3rd place for this particular activity.

After those activities, all of us were already tired because it involved physical movement. I forgot the other activities that we did on the afternoon but I know one thing for sure that it also involved life lessons. I’ll cut to the chase and move to the final and last activity before the day ends. It was night time and the final activity was to make a play applying all the lessons that we have learned from Day 1 and the activities that we did earlier. At first, it was really hard making up a story for it, but once the plot has been set, it became a lot easier. There were 3 groups and we were the last one to perform. I’ve never expected that we were the one who won the play. Everyone did great on this last activity and I saw some of my classmates were really good at acting.

In the end, our team won 1st place overall. We were in 2nd place when we did the activities in the morning and at the afternoon. What got us into 1st place was the last activity. We scored a lot of points from that play. I’ve never really expected that we would able to catch up to the scorings. Nevertheless, we all learned important lessons while doing these activities; the importance of self-awareness and teamwork.

Night time falls and we were all tired as hell. We went to our cabins, changed our clothes, and prepared to go to sleep. Normally, that is what we must do but my friends decided to do something. Since the area is somewhat kind of a province, they spotted an Orbweaver and decided to capture it. We were all going crazy because one of my friends was too scared to capture the arachnid. Then one of my friends decided to help my other friend to capture the ‘nope’ and the ‘nope’ was finally captured. After that, we prepared to bed but we ended up singing again like we did last time. We sang random songs and also random anime songs. I don’t really know but that night was really fun for me. The sense of lying down on a bed after a tiring day really makes me feel relaxed.

Retreat: Day 1


It was a tiresome first day of the retreat. Though it was really exhausting, I actually enjoyed it and had fun. So, the first day of the activity focused on the topic of self-awareness and teamwork. There were a lot of activities involving the use of those lessons. I was actually moved on how the speaker relates the games into life lessons. Even with a simple game, it turned out to be a deep meaning of how life works.

The class was divided into groups. I was surprised because my classmates were really competitive to each other. They want to win and they would sometimes brag about it if they won. This is the thing that made me uninterested about the activities. Yes, it’s okay to be competitive, but being too much competitive often leads to the game having a bad atmosphere. It turns into playing because you want to win, not playing because you want to have fun. I’m not saying that they were overly competitive the whole day, there were just some cases were they were too competitive.

At last, night-time falls. Everyone was tired and we all learned a lot of lessons. Before we rest, we had somewhat like a talk session to each other. This activity is intended to give us motivation, and I can say that I was quite motivated by doing this last activity for the first day. Everyone got an inspirational letter from his/her parents, except for me and my friend. I don’t know where my parent’s letter got to; I don’t know if my parents actually did write me a letter; but one thing for sure is I learned a lot on the first day of the retreat.

The night before we sleep, we had free time to clean up. We can take a bath if we want, refresh ourselves, etcetera. I was actually planning to not take a bath. So, me and my friends went outside and roamed around the place during the night sky. One of my friends decided to run and I chased him running like a ninja (from Naruto). I accidentally slipped because the land was slippery and my friends saw it. They were hell-a laughing and it’s a good thing that they were the only ones who saw it. So, I ended up taking a bath because I smelled like dirt. I then said that I’ll never run like that again.

All of us were already in bed and me and my friends can’t sleep. So, we just decided to sing and some of us actually singed along. I think we were singing random songs from 10pm up to 12:30am.

3-Day Retreat

So this upcoming September 13 (Tuesday), September 14 (Wednesday), and September 15 (Thursday), our class will be having a retreat. Basically this activity is intended to sort of make us inspired and make the class as a one community. There would be activities, talks, and other similar things. It would be a 3-day retreat and the venue is not at a school, it will be held in a so called ‘Retreat House’.

For the next entries, I would write about what happens in each day of the said activity. It is a 3-day retreat, so I will write 3 entries about my experiences and opinions of the retreat. I know that this activity is intended to make the class in good terms of each other, but I wouldn’t change on how I view them.

Our class was combined and I think I haven’t written an entry about it yet. Basically, there’s no more section-A or section-B, it’s just one whole class of grade 10 students. Despite the purpose of this activity, I would prefer to be isolated from them. I’m satisfied with the friends I have as of now.