Retreat: Day 1


It was a tiresome first day of the retreat. Though it was really exhausting, I actually enjoyed it and had fun. So, the first day of the activity focused on the topic of self-awareness and teamwork. There were a lot of activities involving the use of those lessons. I was actually moved on how the speaker relates the games into life lessons. Even with a simple game, it turned out to be a deep meaning of how life works.

The class was divided into groups. I was surprised because my classmates were really competitive to each other. They want to win and they would sometimes brag about it if they won. This is the thing that made me uninterested about the activities. Yes, it’s okay to be competitive, but being too much competitive often leads to the game having a bad atmosphere. It turns into playing because you want to win, not playing because you want to have fun. I’m not saying that they were overly competitive the whole day, there were just some cases were they were too competitive.

At last, night-time falls. Everyone was tired and we all learned a lot of lessons. Before we rest, we had somewhat like a talk session to each other. This activity is intended to give us motivation, and I can say that I was quite motivated by doing this last activity for the first day. Everyone got an inspirational letter from his/her parents, except for me and my friend. I don’t know where my parent’s letter got to; I don’t know if my parents actually did write me a letter; but one thing for sure is I learned a lot on the first day of the retreat.

The night before we sleep, we had free time to clean up. We can take a bath if we want, refresh ourselves, etcetera. I was actually planning to not take a bath. So, me and my friends went outside and roamed around the place during the night sky. One of my friends decided to run and I chased him running like a ninja (from Naruto). I accidentally slipped because the land was slippery and my friends saw it. They were hell-a laughing and it’s a good thing that they were the only ones who saw it. So, I ended up taking a bath because I smelled like dirt. I then said that I’ll never run like that again.

All of us were already in bed and me and my friends can’t sleep. So, we just decided to sing and some of us actually singed along. I think we were singing random songs from 10pm up to 12:30am.


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