3-Day Retreat

So this upcoming September 13 (Tuesday), September 14 (Wednesday), and September 15 (Thursday), our class will be having a retreat. Basically this activity is intended to sort of make us inspired and make the class as a one community. There would be activities, talks, and other similar things. It would be a 3-day retreat and the venue is not at a school, it will be held in a so called ‘Retreat House’.

For the next entries, I would write about what happens in each day of the said activity. It is a 3-day retreat, so I will write 3 entries about my experiences and opinions of the retreat. I know that this activity is intended to make the class in good terms of each other, but I wouldn’t change on how I view them.

Our class was combined and I think I haven’t written an entry about it yet. Basically, there’s no more section-A or section-B, it’s just one whole class of grade 10 students. Despite the purpose of this activity, I would prefer to be isolated from them. I’m satisfied with the friends I have as of now.


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