Why do I make Blogs?

Well it all started when our English teacher required us to make blogs for the whole school year (20 blogs for each month, 10 for the month of June). Our teacher said that we can have any topic we want to write about. At first I didn’t know what to write about, then I decided to write about anime or games.

I decided to write topics that interests me. Things that I like to do during my free time like watch anime or play some video games. If at some point that I can’t think of a topic for either of the two, I will just write about some random stuffs, that’s why my blog subtitle is like that. The blog that talks about anime, games, or just random stuffs.


The joy of blogging is that you can express yourself freely with your own words. No one is going to stop about making your own opinion, well it’s your own opinion after all. I enjoy blogging because other people can see your opinion or review, then they can also share with you their own opinion or information.

So here’s my random post for the day, I hope you understand why I make blogs. Basically every blog that I make is graded by our teacher so I need to make blogs even if I don’t want to lol. But making a blog was fun and I really liked making blogs about something that interests me.So, I will continue to make more blogs for the future (well obviously, because it’s your own grade).



Manga are basically comics which originated and published in Japan. Manga itself have it’s own art form, usually it’s colors are just plain black and white with effects such as tones, screen tones, etc. Although manga originated in Japan, many manga are translated into different other languages such as English language.

Manga has a different way of reading each panel. You will read it from right to left starting from the top to the bottom.


Well, I have huge respect to those manga authors because it’s not really easy to draw. It takes months and months of practice or even years of practice just to be good at drawing. Imagine that you’re planning to make a manga, you will draw it traditionally. So you will start by sketching each scene and after you sketch it you will now ink it and apply tones and effects. It would be really time consuming.

But for today’s technology there is now a simple way to create a manga, it is by using digital. Digital manga are drawn from the computer by using a graphics tablet or other drawing platforms. Well it became really easy but you still need the skill to be good at drawing.

Well, I’m planning to create my own manga but I am still practicing to be good at drawing. Why am I planning to make a manga? Well because it never hurts to try and if you really enjoy something you will pursue harder and harder to make yourself really good at something. I think I will start by small fan arts and get bigger little by little.


Here’s a pic of my sketch (I took this pic with a potato so sorry if it’s not HD)

Crying Girl 2

I’m open for comments, so if you have some suggestions on my drawing style, feel free to give an advice.

Guilty Crown – Review

“I was wrong, kindness is pointless.”
-Ouma Shu

The story takes place in Tokyo in 2039, after the outbreak of the “Apocalypse Virus” during what became known as the “Lost Christmas” of 2029. Since then, Japan has been under the control of the multinational organization called GHQ.

Ouma Shu is a 17-year-old boy who mistakenly obtains a rare and great power. He can use this power, “The Right Hand of the King,” to extract “voids,” or tools/weapons that are the manifestations of peoples’ hearts.

He has been rather shy since a childhood tragedy, but both his personality and life change forever when he meets a girl named Yuzuriha Inori, a member of the rebel group called “Funeral Parlor,” whose members seek the restoration of self-government in Japan via the ousting of GHQ.

(Source: MyAnimeList)

Ouma Shu has the ability to extract “voids”, which are weapons or tools that is a person’s heart if you would put it in a simple way. Voids are the hearts of the person, not the actual heart but you could say that it’s their true personality,it’s their true self.

After the outbreak known as the “Lost Christmas”. Japan have been controlled by an organization called GHQ. Their style of treating people is now good, it’s either they kill the people if they don’t have any need for them. Funeral Parlor is a rebel group formed to counter the wrong doings of the GHQ organization.

The story has many plot twists, really really plot twists. I didn’t see that coming, your impression of the characters when you started watching this anime will surely change as you go closer to the ending. Some character have changed dramatically and changed really differently from their past self. The ending, the ending was……………oh my feels! I already knew the ending before I even start to watch this anime because I was spoiled by one of my classmate (yeah if you’re reading this, Thanks a lot!).

The animation of this anime was really superb. An art which is nearly to perfection you could say. The soundtracks were awesome too, loved the first opening theme song of this anime.
The only thing that I can’t accept was the ending, I mean why did that happen. When everything was going so well then Boom!, of all things, this has to happen. Well this kind of ending is really common to break your heart really bad. May the feels be with you.

So in all, if you want to try an anime with sci-fi in it and has a good storyline but with plot twists. You will enjoy watching this. But dem plot twists made me really go wat.



Clannad Visual Novel – Short Review

Well this was my first mainstream visual novel that I played. I only played visual novels with short stories but this was my first long visual novel (haven’t finished it yet though).

So I actually already watched the anime so I already know some parts of the story. The only difference is that the route you will take. I think I’m going for the Nagisa route again to have my “feels” again. But who knows? I might change my route suddenly because it’s unpredictable if you will be going to a straight path to the Nagisa Route.

I noticed that I think some voices of the character (japanese voice) are different to the voice of the anime, or is it just me? Nah, I think it really was a little different. The art was amazing and also the music and soundtracks. Now I know where the soundtracks of the anime came from. The soundtracks used in the anime was also used in the visual novel.

Well the story is really long so I got bored a little, maybe I will continue playing it if I have some spare time in my hand. But the story follows well and straight like from the anime for the Nagisa route.

Norami gets a TV anime series sequel titled Noragami Aragoto

Finally a second season of Noragami. The first season was really good so it really deserves to have a second season. First season was rather short so I’m really looking forward to watching the second season of Noragami.

Hiyori x Yato. The ship has sail once again. Also the battle scenes where awesome. I’m getting really hyped up right now. The release of Noragami Aragoto is scheduled for fall 2015, so just a few more months. Woooooooh!


Well it finally happened, so Yato calm down lol. The first season was really enjoyable so I hope that the second season would be enjoyable too. I’m gonna end my post here because I still lack information of the second season of Noragami but I hope it would be good again like the last time. This season will be awesome

Angel Beats! – Review

“We have no choice but to accept the one and only life we’re given, no matter how cruel and heartless it might be.”
-Yuri Nakamura

Otonashi awakens only to learn he is dead. A rifle-toting girl named Yuri explains that they are in the afterlife, and Otonashi realizes the only thing he can remember about himself is his name. Yuri tells him that she leads the Shinda Sekai Sensen (Afterlife Battlefront) and wages war against a girl named Tenshi. Unable to believe Yuri’s claims that Tenshi is evil, Otonashi attempts to speak with her, but the encounter doesn’t go as he intended.

Otonashi decides to join the SSS and battle Tenshi, but he finds himself oddly drawn to her. While trying to regain his memories and understand Tenshi, he gradually unravels the mysteries of the afterlife.

(Source: [Written by MyAnimeList Rewrite])


Angel Beats starts with the story of Otonashi that awakens and not knowing that he is in the afterlife. At first he didn’t believe that he was already dead but once he approached Kanade in an attempt to ask her where the hospital is, he got stabbed by Kanade. Otonashi woke up in a room where there are group of people inside. This group is led by Yuri, the Shinda Sekai Sensen (Afterlife Battlefront) which is their task is to have a war against a girl named Tenshi (Kanade).

All of the characters in this anime are all dead, how did this became an emotional anime? Well, because they all died but they didn’t accomplish their goal when they were still alive or they died without knowing what to do. They are put in the afterlife to accomplish that certain goal that they want to achieve when they were still alive.

I’m just going to do a quick review on the characters because there are so many characters in the story.
Otonashi had an amnesia which made him forgot how he died, you will soon find out how he died and it was really depressing.
Yuri is the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen (Afterlife Battlefront) and she died in a certain situation where it was a painful and a horrifying experience.
Kanade was also known as Tenshi or Angel, but she is actually a human who also died and haven’t completed her task or goal when she was still alive. She died because…………….. wait if I tell her how she died it will now be a spoiler, so no, I’m not gonna write here how she died.

The storyline here is pretty simple and understandable. The afterlife is a place where they will accomplish their goal in life when they were still alive. The anime is only 13 episodes short but it also have a huge impact on the emotional content (also known as “feels” factor). Combine the soundtracks and the scenes where , where……. this is another spoiler but I guess I’ll just have to not say it. Let’s just say that if you combine the soundtracks or the background musics to the emotional scenes, you will have a one ticket on the feelicopter through Feelsville.

So in overall, if you want an emotional anime that will leave your heart empty inside. You should try watching Angel Beats, prepare some tissues though.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso – Review

“Even in the depths of the darkest oceans, some light always pierces through.” -Arima Kousei

Piano prodigy Arima Kosei dominated the competition and all child musicians knew his name. But after his mother, who was also his instructor, passed away, he had a mental breakdown while performing at a recital that resulted in him no longer being able to hear the sound of his piano even though his hearing was perfectly fine. Even two years later, Kosei hasn’t touched the piano and views the world in monotone, and without any flair or color. He was content at living out his life with his good friends Tsubaki and Watari until, one day, a girl changed everything. Miyazono Kaori is a pretty, free spirited violinist whose playing style reflects her personality. Kaori helps Kosei return to the music world and show that it should be free and mold breaking unlike the structured and rigid style Kosei was used to.

(Source: MangaHelpers)

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) is another “feel” anime that I will make a review. So this one has slight comedy in it but also has drama mixed in the genre on the later part of the series, which will surely make you depressed because a comedy that have turned into a drama will surely have a huge impact on your emotions.


Arima Kousei is the main protagonist of the story. He was a piano prodigy, so he’s very good at playing the piano which made him won every competition that he entered. He stopped playing the piano because of a certain happening that made him to not be able to hear the sound of the piano notes when he is playing the piano.

Kaori Miyazono is also the main protagonist of the story. She gave hope to Arima Kousei that changed him a lot. She told one lie to Arima Kousei, hence the title Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April). Hmmmm should I write the lie that she told or nah. Maybe I will not say it because I think it’s a little spoiler. Sorry guys lol.

Other characters are Ryouta Watari and Tsubaki Sawabe, which is Kousei’s childhood friends. They also played an important role in the story and each of them have their own unique personality. The storyline of this anime is really good. The storyline is mainly focused on Arima Kousei, he keeps on changing little and little by each episode. Also by the time you reach half way through the series, the “feels” episodes will now appear. So be prepared for a feels trip guys because the ending was really really depressing. I knew that the ending will be like that. I……. I just knew it.

Overall, it’s a great anime. The music style I think is classical? I forgot what it’s called but the music pieces used were from Chopin and other famous composers like Beethoven. The animation was amazing and the impact of the emotions was really strong. I think you can include Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso as one of the “feels” anime along with Angel Beats, Clannad, AnoHana.

Thanks for viewing my review guys, so here’s Kaori playing the Melodica as a farewell.