Why do I make Blogs?

Well it all started when our English teacher required us to make blogs for the whole school year (20 blogs for each month, 10 for the month of June). Our teacher said that we can have any topic we want to write about. At first I didn’t know what to write about, then I decided to write about anime or games.

I decided to write topics that interests me. Things that I like to do during my free time like watch anime or play some video games. If at some point that I can’t think of a topic for either of the two, I will just write about some random stuffs, that’s why my blog subtitle is like that. The blog that talks about anime, games, or just random stuffs.


The joy of blogging is that you can express yourself freely with your own words. No one is going to stop about making your own opinion, well it’s your own opinion after all. I enjoy blogging because other people can see your opinion or review, then they can also share with you their own opinion or information.

So here’s my random post for the day, I hope you understand why I make blogs. Basically every blog that I make is graded by our teacher so I need to make blogs even if I don’t want to lol. But making a blog was fun and I really liked making blogs about something that interests me.So, I will continue to make more blogs for the future (well obviously, because it’s your own grade).


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