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Blog Update: Awards and Challenges

I should have announced this update a month ago, but I keep forgetting and I keep getting lazier each day.  Now, I finally remembered to write about this update, again.

If you would look back to my previous posts, you would know that my laptop broke, right? After getting my laptop repaired, I decided to upgrade the OS of the laptop. It went from Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Ultimate, which is pretty nice and decent. I backed up my important documents and files, and the C: drive got formatted to enable the laptop to be upgraded. So, here’s how it is. I bookmark the awards and challenges that I get, and I forgot to back up my bookmarks on Google Chrome. Now, I have no idea what awards and challenges I got and it seems that I can’t recover the bookmarks that I’ve made.

Sadly, I won’t be able to write about those awards and challenges for now.  I’ll just leave those things in the past for now. Yeah, I know I said that I’ll do them sooner or later in the past, but it seems that I can’t do them anymore. So, sorry guys if I won’t be able to write about the awards and challenges that you have nominated me last year.
Yep, procrastination, you win this time.



Kausus Nominated Me for the Liebster Award!

Kausus  just nominated me for the Liebster Award, Thanks Kausus! This is my blog’s first nomination so wooooh! I really appreciated being nominated and I am really happy right now lol. fuko

So the rules are pretty simple, here are the rules: liebster-award-rules-i This award is something that helps to recognize other small blogs,websites,etc. and to also help the community be connected to each other. Whether it would be sharing their opinions to each other and the like.

Questions by Kausus! :

1.What got you into Anime, Gaming, Writing, etc…? What was a big factor in this?

I got into gaming when I was a child, I really liked to play different kind of games back in my childhood days (mostly PSP games and also horror games).

For anime, Ok I’m gonna tell the story on how I started to watch anime. In my 1st year High school year, me and my classmates would copy pc games to each other. So I borrowed his hard drive to copy a game and I noticed some anime in the hard drive. I decided to watch a couple of episodes and I actually enjoyed watching it. My first anime that I ever watched (which started me to like watching anime) is Mirai Nikki, pretty dark for a starter anime don’t you think?

Maybe I got into writing about blogs it is because you can express yourself freely. It’s your own words, it’s your own opinion about a certain topic. So I think that got me into writing about blogs.

2.If you could meet one voice actor/actress, who would the be and why?

Maybe Ai Kayano, cause you know, Menma (AnoHana), Inori (Guilty Crown), Shiro (No Game No Life), Mashiro (Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo), Mayaka (Hyouka), Chisaki (Nagi no Asukara), her voice fits the characters for the animes that I watched, especially Mashiro lol and also Menma.

3.What made you want to blog?

Well it all started when our English teacher told us that we need to create blogs (20 blogs each month) up to the end of the school year. Our teacher told us that we can write about any topic, so I decided to write about anime, games, and other similar topics and I actually enjoyed writing blogs.

4.Wine or Cheese?

Cheese, haven’t tasted wine yet.

5.If you could redo one review or post you have done, knowing what you are capable of now, what would that post be and why?

Hmmm, maybe my first blog which is Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) vs. Tokyo Ghoul (Manga). That was my first blog and I really made it really really long, maybe if I can redo it, I will just make it really short.

6.What are your top five bands/groups?

I’m not really into bands/groups.

7.Who or what is your inspiration for what you do in life?

My inspiration is myself. I know that sometimes I need to improve myself, so what keeps me going is that I believe to myself than I can be better and I can improve myself better than my past self.

8. When it comes to gaming, What platform do you prefer and why? If you don’t play video games, then what tabletop games and why?

For now I will prefer console because my laptop is a low end laptop lol. But if I get the chance to buy a gaming laptop, I will prefer pc or laptop gaming because I can take it anywhere I go and you can mod your games and you do not need to for a long time of setting up, all you have to do is power on and game start!

9.How long have you been writing?

Probably one month and a half.

10.If you had to give up one thing, whether it was gaming, anime, writing, etc… Which would it be and why?

This is one tough question, I mean a really really tough question. Maybe my emotions? I mean because if you don’t have emotions, you will certainly not feel any pain, whether if it’s physical pain or emotional pain (your favorite character dies, my feels!).

11.Where do you see your blog/website this time next year?

Hmmm, I’m not expecting much but I think my blog will continue to grow and have more views and have more followers (maybe).

Now that’s the question and answer. I actually stayed up all night to answer this questions lol, but it was worth it.

Random Facts about myself: Oreki_houtarou_class_lazy 1. I hate to wake up too early but I like to stay up all night or maybe stay up until the sun rises lol.

2. I like to draw anime characters and I’m still practicing and practicing to be good at drawing.

3. I seriously get angry easily when I have just woken up.

4. I prefer unsharpened pencils for sketching.

5. Sometimes I prefer to be alone or sometimes not.

6. I prefer individual projects rather than group projects.

7. I procrastinate a lot.

8. I like to edit pictures, I’m currently studying Photoshop to edit pictures.

9. Did someone say chocolate? CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE!! CHOCOLATE!!!.

10. I always get anxious when speaking in public or speaking to a stranger.

11. I’m still a High school student.

My Nominees:

1. Otaku High School Life

A blog that is not just about anime but also japanese cultures and lifestyles. I think we’re from the same school or am I wrong?

2. Sebastian’s Blog

Thanks for the like and for the comment to my blog post . I really appreciated your comment.

3. Viewer Discretion is Advised

Thank you for being a frequent liker to my blog posts. 😀

4. Otaku Gamer Zone

Great blog about anime and gaming. Keep up the good work.


I like your style of theme and topic about anime, also thank you for the like!

So here are My Questions:

1. Why did you decided to create a blog?

2. Do you enjoy blogging? Why?

3. Favorite anime character?

4. Cats or Dogs?

5. What is your top 5 favorite anime of all time?

6. Do you know which anime dere type you are? if you do, what is it and why?

7. Which will you pick, You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain. Explain why?

8. What genre of anime do you prefer the most (can be two or more genres)?

9. Live in pain or die peacefully?

10. Expectation on what will become of your blog next year ?

11. There’s an anime portal that have appeared in your room? Would you go inside? If you would go inside, which anime world is it? If not, why?

So this is the end of my post. I really enjoyed making this blog post which made me stay up all night. So I will now end my post here because I’m really sleepy right now. Thanks again to Kausus for nominating me for the Liebster Award. Keep up the good work on your blog. igXSbyQKdPu0U