Clannad Visual Novel – Short Review

Well this was my first mainstream visual novel that I played. I only played visual novels with short stories but this was my first long visual novel (haven’t finished it yet though).

So I actually already watched the anime so I already know some parts of the story. The only difference is that the route you will take. I think I’m going for the Nagisa route again to have my “feels” again. But who knows? I might change my route suddenly because it’s unpredictable if you will be going to a straight path to the Nagisa Route.

I noticed that I think some voices of the character (japanese voice) are different to the voice of the anime, or is it just me? Nah, I think it really was a little different. The art was amazing and also the music and soundtracks. Now I know where the soundtracks of the anime came from. The soundtracks used in the anime was also used in the visual novel.

Well the story is really long so I got bored a little, maybe I will continue playing it if I have some spare time in my hand. But the story follows well and straight like from the anime for the Nagisa route.


26 thoughts on “Clannad Visual Novel – Short Review”

      1. Yeah focuses on the relationship between Tomoya and Tomoyo. I never played it but according to Wikipedia, the original VN was intended for a mature audience, it had some H-scenes. It got ported to PS2 and removed the contents for young players.

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      2. The story is interesting but I am not sure about content wise. I can’t imagine that with Clannad. I am just curious how Tomoya’s life will be like if his relationship with Tomoyo instead of Nagisa.

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      3. The content is rather adult rated because of the eroge genre, but sometimes we’re curious and we want to know more about the story.
        Same here, sometimes we just want to know more about the other’s character arc.

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      4. Yeah, agree with this.But, I just thought that if they will include the H-scene, they can use different camera angles. It’s to not show what exactly they’re doing, it’s up for the audiences to imagine it lol.

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