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Digital Art 12/4/16 – Frisk and Chara


This was what I first that I had in mind when I wanted to do a practice drawing using a Wacom tablet. A bit of tracing was involved when I drew this because I just used it as a practice material and for digital coloring practice. So, to the original creator of this fan art, I give credits to ffSade.

Here’s the first sketch, which was obviously traced from the original art work.

Frisk and Chara Sketch.png

Outline of the sketch. You can see some minor detail changes of this outline. The reason that it changed is because of how I use the Wacom tablet. I can’t really keep on staying perfectly close to the sketch because it’s somewhat hard to do. So, I had to do some little changes.

Frisk and Chara Outline.png


Coloring of the outline. Again, I used the original artwork of ffSade as a reference for the light source.

Frisk and Chara Final.png

Finished Artwork. And yes, as you can see the signature. That is my real first name.

Credits to the original artist:



Wacom Tablet Digital Art First Impression

I’ve been doing digital art using a Wacom tablet for a month now. I got my Wacom tablet last December as a gift from my dad. I thank him a lot for that for giving me a new way of doing art works. If you’re wondering, the digital tablet is Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch Small. I’m recommending it if you’re just starting out digital art.

Last September, I went to my classmate’s house to do some studying for our upcoming university entrance exams. I asked him if I could try out his Wacom tablet, the same as model as mine but he got Wacom Intuos Sketch; he agreed and let me try it out. At first, I thought it was really easy, it turns out that it’s a lot more different than drawing on a piece of paper. He also said that it was also hard to draw using a tablet and he prefers to draw traditionally instead.

Now the good thing about using a Wacom tablet or any other digital tablet is you can use programs such as Photoshop to make or draw something. An advantage of using Photoshop and other similar application is you can make a layer for sketch, a layer for outline, a layer for colors, etc.. That’s one thing that I like the most when drawing from a digital tablet. Though, it really is a lot different from a traditional way of making art. You might want to know a lot of shortcut keys when you’re planning to try out digital art, as you’re going to use ctrl + z a lot.

That concludes my overall first impression of using a Wacom tablet when drawing. It takes time and a lot of patience in order to improve in doing digital art. It’s the same as traditional drawing; you need to work hard and hard for you to improve.

Hatsune Miku


So, I was bored and decided to try to color a line art. This was actually my first digital coloring and it took me about 3 hours to finish it. Yeah, it’s hard to do digital coloring with a mouse.

The line art is not mine. I just borrowed it and did the coloring huehuehue.
I’ll just put the art and the link of the one who made it below.

hatsune_miku_lineart_by_animemaniaco-d5oq571Original artist:


Pixel Art #1


So, I was browsing through Google Play Store and found this app. It’s called dotpict and it’s really easy to use if you want to create some pixel arts. Creating a pixel art takes a lot of time and a lot of patience. Still, it’s really fun making it. I’m really bored here because my laptop broke, but making this managed to kill me some time and I had fun making it.

Turning an inanimate object into a character

We’re basically done with our projects. Today at class, we have so much free time (it’s near vacation, so the teachers don’t give works anymore. I’m so glad) and we’ve got nothing to do. My other classmates were practicing for the upcoming Music Recital (it’s a part of the school program before the school year ends, wherein every students, by section, forms a band and plays at the stage), as for me and my classmate, we were just lazing around and thinking what to do. Then I saw a folder on my classmate’s chair. I then had an idea in turning that folder into a 2d girl. He then said that I should draw it, and so I did.

I still have no idea on why this folder:


Turned into this:


The folder is used in keeping my other classmate’s piano sheets. So, my classmate named my character as Pia-chan (shortened name for Piano).

Fan Art: Yato and Nora – Noragami/Noragami Aragoto



I was inspired to draw this because of the opening of Noragami Aragoto. The opening of Noragami Aragoto is such a really really good opening. I actually drew this a long time ago, but I just wanted to post this to show it to you guys.

I think I messed up Nora a little. My friend also thinks that I drew Nora a little different. Maybe it’s because of the hair, I think I drew the hair a little bigger. I didn’t decide to correct it because I can always re-draw again. There’s always room for improvement. Yeah, as always, sorry again if it’s blurry.