Pixel Art #1


So, I was browsing through Google Play Store and found this app. It’s called dotpict and it’s really easy to use if you want to create some pixel arts. Creating a pixel art takes a lot of time and a lot of patience. Still, it’s really fun making it. I’m really bored here because my laptop broke, but making this managed to kill me some time and I had fun making it.


27 thoughts on “Pixel Art #1”

      1. One good trick is thinking a personality for the character you’re making. You can easily picture him/her in your mind in that way. It was originally supposed to be a Miku pixel art, but I can’t draw her twintails. So, I just sticked with short hair and just made it into an original character.

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      2. That is pretty amazing how you did it. At first glance, it almost look like Miku but I got fooled by the short hair. I like your original character. What’s her name? 😛

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      3. Oh yeah, I forgot about those. If you add some on her, she will be your personal servant. You would be the envy of the guys hahaha.


  1. Honestly the charater looks great. I have tried making characters using for pixels for a game I was designing and it is hard work, and I was only working on a 32 by 32 image. The resolution of yours is way higher, so props to you for that, and it looks quite decent.

    Now that I’ve massaged your ego I will just put forward some points. It can still be improved with some darker pixels here and there on the face to make her face look more 3D and you could even make the mouth line red or darker skin colour with some black pixels.

    In any case, the picture is awesome and I hope you continue making them. ^^

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    1. Character designing sure is hard work, especially if it’s for a game or a story. I used a 64 x 64 resolution to give the character more details.
      I’m still learning the basics of shadows and colors. I focused more on the hair and didn’t quite focused on the face. I’ll keep your tips in mind and will sure to remember to use them. Yeah, I plan to make more pixel arts if I have the time. Thanks for the tips and good luck to the characters for the game that you’re making. 😀

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