Digital Art 12/4/16 – Frisk and Chara


This was what I first that I had in mind when I wanted to do a practice drawing using a Wacom tablet. A bit of tracing was involved when I drew this because I just used it as a practice material and for digital coloring practice. So, to the original creator of this fan art, I give credits to ffSade.

Here’s the first sketch, which was obviously traced from the original art work.

Frisk and Chara Sketch.png

Outline of the sketch. You can see some minor detail changes of this outline. The reason that it changed is because of how I use the Wacom tablet. I can’t really keep on staying perfectly close to the sketch because it’s somewhat hard to do. So, I had to do some little changes.

Frisk and Chara Outline.png


Coloring of the outline. Again, I used the original artwork of ffSade as a reference for the light source.

Frisk and Chara Final.png

Finished Artwork. And yes, as you can see the signature. That is my real first name.

Credits to the original artist:



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