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There’s still some Luck

This is a continuation of the previous post about my failed experiments.  So, as I was doing the experiments, I am really getting stressed over it and I got really stubborn to see a successful output. On my work table, it was highly unorganized, materials are scattered over the place and the worst part is two cups of water are near my smartphone and my laptop.

I didn’t pay attention to the two cups of water, until my cat decided to jump on to my table. Long story short he spilled the water and water got into the speakers of my smartphone and a tiny bit of water into my laptop. At first, I wiped my laptop and surprisingly, none of the internal parts got damaged. It then came to my senses that my smartphone also got wet. I hurriedly checked it out and wiped the water with a cloth. The splashed water got into the speaker and I thought to myself, “Shit… the speaker’s going to be busted.”

I was right, the sound that comes out of the speaker got rugged. I got even more pissed and really got stressed over. I then remembered this thing to do when you have an electric device that got wet. It is to put it in a bag of rice and wait overnight for the rice to suck the water out. I immediately put my smartphone in a bag of rice and hoped that nothing is damaged.

To my impatience, after about an hour, I opened the bag of rice and took out my phone. Now the holes are filled with grains of rice, however I managed to get them all out (I thought that I would be even more enraged). Now I boot up the smartphone and surprisingly, the sound’s back to normal again. I learned now my lesson: Under no circumstances, never have water near any electronic devices.


Countless Retries

For our project in our Science subject, we were tasked to do an experiment that is related to physics. These experiments that we’re going to do is going to be exhibited I think about next week, so that other people can also see the experiment.

Firstly, I searched up easy experiments to do and I decided to test out match stick rockets as my first try. It really didn’t really turn out that great and the rockets won’t fly.

The second experiment that I did was a homopolar motor. Now this is the one that I really had trouble finding materials. Luckily, I was able to borrow a really strong neodymium magnet from an old classmate of mine. I tested it out, but to no luck it also won’t work. I thought that it was just a weak battery so I decided to buy some brand new ones. Well… it still didn’t work and I’m actually getting stressed over this experiment project.

Third experiment is a homemade compass. It needs the presence of a magnet, a needle, and a cork or a bottle cap. I managed to do this one, but it’s too simple and really easy to do. It doesn’t really provide that much impact and interest as an experiment that needs to be exhibited.

Fourth experiment that I did also involves magnetism. This one is really simple. What I did was I attached a paper clip onto a piece of string and made it look like into a kite. The whole experiment is really easy, all that is needed to do is bring the kite with paperclip close to the magnet, so it would seem like the kite is floating non-stop. I decided that this experiment was also too simple, so I kept looking for other experiments to do.

Fifth experiment is matchstick rockets again, but this time a whole new way of constructing it, I managed to make it fly but it’s not really that high. I’ll buy new materials on the weekends and hopefully I will stick to do this experiment. I mean, who doesn’t love rockets? They’re really fun and explosive, especially when you’re the one lighting it.

End of the War

Written on February 02, 2017

The last set of exams was today that I took a while ago; I wrote this short story yesterday while I was reviewing my notes. I was kind of bored so I wrote this instead.

Second day, I took out the enemies with the upmost concentration I can uphold. The bastards were tough, but that didn’t hinder me from taking them out, slaughtering them part by part, filling out their gaps with the blood of my sword that has been used to scourge upon the countless monsters during the bloody hell of a battle.

Final day of the war, I prepare with all that I can do. Positively thinking that the firepower that I have worked hard for will have its effectivity on the enemy. Though the final opponents may seem docile, they can be proved hostile if underestimated to a certain extent. I will treat these bastards as I have treated the past enemies that I have faced. Smothering them one by one without guilt and without the presence of mercy. It is time to end this prolonged and dreadful agony. Hearing the cries as the red marks are placed on them, gives a pleasurable sound to my ears.

No Ragrets

I think I’m going to regret doing this in a few weeks or so. So, instead of collecting information and articles, I decided to slack off a bit and play some league with my classmates. Yeah, I’m really that much of a slacker. Well, I’ll try to to do my research later tonight or maybe tomorrow.

In the time being, I’m going to finish first the required number of blogs for this month of January. Since it’s also quite time consuming to write blogs, I’ll write more on a random basis. You may or may not see some anime content for a while, because writing anime/manga related things take a hell lot of time to write.

Seriously, I have no idea how to start my research topic. On top of that, it’s quite ironic that my research topic is about procrastination, the thing that I am as well doing as of now.

It Has Begun

As my classmate and I were expecting, the free time we had really paid a price. Now, the teachers are giving us copious amount of projects that we students need to accomplish. As of now, we have a project for Computer, Math, Science, Arts, Economics, Values Education, and last but not the least, Researching.

Thinking about those projects makes me procrastinate a lot. I always ask myself questions like, “How am I supposed to start my research papers?” “I don’t even know how to begin this introduction part.” Questions like that aren’t helping with what my condition is right now. To top that, some of the projects are due this January 27, which is Friday. The projects that are due are the Arts project and the Introduction part of our Research.

I was supposed to collect articles for my search today but I got lazy and decided to delay it for a bit. Well, on the bright side, I finished my Arts project today.

Wacom Tablet Digital Art First Impression

I’ve been doing digital art using a Wacom tablet for a month now. I got my Wacom tablet last December as a gift from my dad. I thank him a lot for that for giving me a new way of doing art works. If you’re wondering, the digital tablet is Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch Small. I’m recommending it if you’re just starting out digital art.

Last September, I went to my classmate’s house to do some studying for our upcoming university entrance exams. I asked him if I could try out his Wacom tablet, the same as model as mine but he got Wacom Intuos Sketch; he agreed and let me try it out. At first, I thought it was really easy, it turns out that it’s a lot more different than drawing on a piece of paper. He also said that it was also hard to draw using a tablet and he prefers to draw traditionally instead.

Now the good thing about using a Wacom tablet or any other digital tablet is you can use programs such as Photoshop to make or draw something. An advantage of using Photoshop and other similar application is you can make a layer for sketch, a layer for outline, a layer for colors, etc.. That’s one thing that I like the most when drawing from a digital tablet. Though, it really is a lot different from a traditional way of making art. You might want to know a lot of shortcut keys when you’re planning to try out digital art, as you’re going to use ctrl + z a lot.

That concludes my overall first impression of using a Wacom tablet when drawing. It takes time and a lot of patience in order to improve in doing digital art. It’s the same as traditional drawing; you need to work hard and hard for you to improve.

End of Intramurals 2017

Last Friday (January 13) was the last day of our sports intramurals. Overall our team won for the best Jersey, our Muse won as Ms. Intramurals, Basketball Boys Champion, Volleyball Girls Champion, and Badminton Doubles Girls Champion, I think I might have not included some other things we won but that’s all I can remember.

I saw that our class did their best to play their games well and to have an enjoying game. In some games, our team got defeated but that didn’t stop them from trying to win other games that are left. I didn’t really participate in most of the games, but it’s alright for me as I’ve said in my previous posts, I’m not really that much of a sports person. Now, it’s back to a normal school schedule again now that the sports intramurals have now ended, which means that it’s back to lessons again…