End of the War

Written on February 02, 2017

The last set of exams was today that I took a while ago; I wrote this short story yesterday while I was reviewing my notes. I was kind of bored so I wrote this instead.

Second day, I took out the enemies with the upmost concentration I can uphold. The bastards were tough, but that didn’t hinder me from taking them out, slaughtering them part by part, filling out their gaps with the blood of my sword that has been used to scourge upon the countless monsters during the bloody hell of a battle.

Final day of the war, I prepare with all that I can do. Positively thinking that the firepower that I have worked hard for will have its effectivity on the enemy. Though the final opponents may seem docile, they can be proved hostile if underestimated to a certain extent. I will treat these bastards as I have treated the past enemies that I have faced. Smothering them one by one without guilt and without the presence of mercy. It is time to end this prolonged and dreadful agony. Hearing the cries as the red marks are placed on them, gives a pleasurable sound to my ears.


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