Intramurals 2017

Yearly our school has a sports intramurals or simply a sports fest. Normally this event is up to five days, which means a week of little to no lessons at all. All classes must participate in this event and each of the classes will battle each other to determine who will become the champion for a specific game (Basketball, Volleyball, and Badminton). I’m not much of a sports person, so whenever this event comes, I usually do nothing at all during the event. I participate in some games like Badminton and Volleyball, but not basketball because I’m not really into that sport and I don’t even know how to play it. So all I did when our class has a game was sleep or watch them play their game, I’m usually just a substitute but they seem to not need of me. Well, it’s 5 days of relaxing and nothing to do for the week.


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