It Has Begun

As my classmate and I were expecting, the free time we had really paid a price. Now, the teachers are giving us copious amount of projects that we students need to accomplish. As of now, we have a project for Computer, Math, Science, Arts, Economics, Values Education, and last but not the least, Researching.

Thinking about those projects makes me procrastinate a lot. I always ask myself questions like, “How am I supposed to start my research papers?” “I don’t even know how to begin this introduction part.” Questions like that aren’t helping with what my condition is right now. To top that, some of the projects are due this January 27, which is Friday. The projects that are due are the Arts project and the Introduction part of our Research.

I was supposed to collect articles for my search today but I got lazy and decided to delay it for a bit. Well, on the bright side, I finished my Arts project today.


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