16th Birthday

If you guys have noticed, I’ve been inactive lately for the month of November. It’s because our teacher advised us to take a break from writing blogs for a while and another reason is the 3rd quarter of our school is really short. We students are busy doing various stuffs, like making projects, and we’re also preparing for the upcoming long test for the third quarter. As they say, this quarter is the shortest quarter for the whole school year.  I think I’ll be back in writing blogs by the month of December.

Also, it’s my birthday today. Even though it’s my birthday, I usually just treat this day as a normal day for me. I already celebrated my birthday early. I invited my classmates last Saturday and I could say that I had some fun. It had a mix of awkwardness when they started singing the Birthday Song… with a guitar…. which I didn’t have a choice but to listen to it. Nevertheless, I appreciated the song that they sang. It was quite a happy day even though I was exhausted after the party.

So… uhh… that’s all the update I have for this month. I’ll be seeing you guys again in December.



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