Taste of Defeat

I joined the game for Badminton Doubles Boys and got to team up with my classmate. Our game was so long to be scheduled because of the change of plans and some players were quite long to show up for their game. I think on the third day of the sports intramurals, we actually got to play against other teams.

In our first game, we got defeated by the other year level. We said that it’s ok because we still have another chance to play and still have some chance to win. It’s a double out system, so if we lose one more, we’ll be out of the game.

In our second game… we lost again. I don’t know what happened to my partner but I think his mind was not in this world. He said that he didn’t felt like himself today and that’s why his play was quite bad during the game. I didn’t really got mad over the defeat, I jokingly trashtalked my partner a little though but not in a negative way, the same goes from him to me lol.


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