Turning an inanimate object into a character

We’re basically done with our projects. Today at class, we have so much free time (it’s near vacation, so the teachers don’t give works anymore. I’m so glad) and we’ve got nothing to do. My other classmates were practicing for the upcoming Music Recital (it’s a part of the school program before the school year ends, wherein every students, by section, forms a band and plays at the stage), as for me and my classmate, we were just lazing around and thinking what to do. Then I saw a folder on my classmate’s chair. I then had an idea in turning that folder into a 2d girl. He then said that I should draw it, and so I did.

I still have no idea on why this folder:


Turned into this:


The folder is used in keeping my other classmate’s piano sheets. So, my classmate named my character as Pia-chan (shortened name for Piano).


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