Manga are basically comics which originated and published in Japan. Manga itself have it’s own art form, usually it’s colors are just plain black and white with effects such as tones, screen tones, etc. Although manga originated in Japan, many manga are translated into different other languages such as English language.

Manga has a different way of reading each panel. You will read it from right to left starting from the top to the bottom.


Well, I have huge respect to those manga authors because it’s not really easy to draw. It takes months and months of practice or even years of practice just to be good at drawing. Imagine that you’re planning to make a manga, you will draw it traditionally. So you will start by sketching each scene and after you sketch it you will now ink it and apply tones and effects. It would be really time consuming.

But for today’s technology there is now a simple way to create a manga, it is by using digital. Digital manga are drawn from the computer by using a graphics tablet or other drawing platforms. Well it became really easy but you still need the skill to be good at drawing.

Well, I’m planning to create my own manga but I am still practicing to be good at drawing. Why am I planning to make a manga? Well because it never hurts to try and if you really enjoy something you will pursue harder and harder to make yourself really good at something. I think I will start by small fan arts and get bigger little by little.


Here’s a pic of my sketch (I took this pic with a potato so sorry if it’s not HD)

Crying Girl 2

I’m open for comments, so if you have some suggestions on my drawing style, feel free to give an advice.


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