Hyouka – Overview

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Houtarou Oreki is what you can call the typical lazy student. He would always conserve his energy and would not do things that aren’t supposed to be done by him. However, he ended up joining the Classics Club at school because of his sister’s command.

The Classics Club may seem normal but there is actually a deep story of the club’s history. Oreki was forced to investigate the 45-year old mystery of the club room by Eru Chitanda – the girl who is always curious.Along with the other club members, Satoshi Fukube and Mayaka Ibara, they seek to find the hidden history of the said club.

Hyouka depicts that a normal life can also have some mysteries in it, whether it’s history, a short film or even ghost stories. But what does Hyouka really stand for? What does it represent or define? Mysteries are yet to be solved by the energy-conservative Houtarou Oreki.





+ Made by Kyoto Animation.

+ Mystery.

+ Slice of life and… pretty much slice of life.

+ Watashi Kininarimasu.


– Some episodes may get boring because of the mysteries.

– You have to pay close attention as you might get confused about the puzzles.



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