Retreat: Day 3


Day 3, the last and final day of the Retreat. This is basically our free time and we can do whatever we want. There was a pool so we decided to go there after eating our breakfast. Some went to the pool; some stayed in their cabins and just went to sleep. I know, I was also tired and I actually wanted to sleep also, but I decided to go to the pool since it’s our last day of the Retreat.

I have nothing much to say about this day because it mostly just involved travelling and going home. But, a difference is, we’re going home with lots of life lessons learned. We’re not just going home without learning something; we’re going home with a lot of lessons learned and also applying those lessons that have been taught to us

I had fun in this 3-Day Retreat Activity. It helped me to understand more about myself and my problems and it helped me to also understand others. Truly this one is one of the best experiences that have happened in my life.


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