Retreat: Day 2


The second day of the retreat focused more on group activities. We were divided again by groups like last time. The activities on day two were a lot harder than on day one. First and foremost, one of the earlier activities was to create a flag for the team and a cheer making. I got picked to become the leader for this first activity and I can say that I cringed really hard in this activity. I’m not saying that it’s bad. There were some dead airs in the cheer so in order to get rid of it, I need to shout our group name and run around the premises while screaming.

On the morning activities, the activities were divided into stations. So, each group will go to a corresponding station and perform the said task. We got Station 3 to do it first and it was the hardest amongst all the 3 Stations. This activity was done in the pool and I can say that it was fun but really hard. We ended up losing the first activity. The second one was Station 2. This activity involved us getting covered in dirt. My shirt got really dirty and was covered with stains. The worst part is, the colour of the shirt I’m wearing is white. Nevertheless, this activity seemed also fun to me. The last activity that we did was in Station 1, and possibly the easiest of amongst all of them. It just needed patience and focus of mind. We performed rather bad in this activity and I sensed that we were in 3rd place for this particular activity.

After those activities, all of us were already tired because it involved physical movement. I forgot the other activities that we did on the afternoon but I know one thing for sure that it also involved life lessons. I’ll cut to the chase and move to the final and last activity before the day ends. It was night time and the final activity was to make a play applying all the lessons that we have learned from Day 1 and the activities that we did earlier. At first, it was really hard making up a story for it, but once the plot has been set, it became a lot easier. There were 3 groups and we were the last one to perform. I’ve never expected that we were the one who won the play. Everyone did great on this last activity and I saw some of my classmates were really good at acting.

In the end, our team won 1st place overall. We were in 2nd place when we did the activities in the morning and at the afternoon. What got us into 1st place was the last activity. We scored a lot of points from that play. I’ve never really expected that we would able to catch up to the scorings. Nevertheless, we all learned important lessons while doing these activities; the importance of self-awareness and teamwork.

Night time falls and we were all tired as hell. We went to our cabins, changed our clothes, and prepared to go to sleep. Normally, that is what we must do but my friends decided to do something. Since the area is somewhat kind of a province, they spotted an Orbweaver and decided to capture it. We were all going crazy because one of my friends was too scared to capture the arachnid. Then one of my friends decided to help my other friend to capture the ‘nope’ and the ‘nope’ was finally captured. After that, we prepared to bed but we ended up singing again like we did last time. We sang random songs and also random anime songs. I don’t really know but that night was really fun for me. The sense of lying down on a bed after a tiring day really makes me feel relaxed.


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