Finished Dubbing

We finally got to finish dubbing the characters of our radio drama project (Romeo and Juliet). All that’s left is the editing, which is I’m in charge of it, with the help of my assistant classmate. A felt a little sense of accomplishment, but not fully because it’s still not finished yet, there’s still the editing stage of the project. We threw a party after we finished dubbing the characters. Me and my classmate would usually call this party as a “low-end party”.

The term low-end party originated when some of our friends, including me, went to my classmate’s house to celebrate his birthday. We brought laptops and pocket wi-fis to play League of Legends. What made the party low-end is because of our low end laptops and a crappy wi-fi network (the internet speed is really slow here in the Philippines). Plus, cheap foods like cheap pizza and some softdrinks, though they’re delicious and we actually enjoyed it. Now, we officially use the term “low-end party” when we’re going to throw a party.

So, today we had another low-end party but everything’s fun and enjoyable. The same thing like last time, low-end laptops, crappy internet, cheap-ass pizza, and softdrinks. Too bad one of my classmate didn’t got to attend. It’s actually Potaytoe who didn’t got to attend. Well, he’s done with his lines anyway. If you’re reading this Potaytoe, you’ll pretty much die from laughter when we’ve recorded the grunts of the characters.



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