Will It Change The Future?

I thought about something in relation with what happened to me today. Let’s go back to when I went back home from school. I was originally planning to take a nap and rest because I feel really exhausted, but I decided not to and just decided to continue doing my projects. My mouse broke around the time of 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm (Philippine Time). Usually, when I take a nap, I would normally wake up at around 9:00 pm. A thought crossed my mind after my depression slowly depleted away. What if I decided to take a nap, will it prevent the mouse from breaking? It’s kinda like a visual novel game, where you choose different routes and arcs which will result in different kind of endings.

If I could time travel, the most likely thing that I would do is go back in time and see the result. But, I’m having a huge guess that it would end up like in Steins;Gate. I might prevent that incident from happening, but only for a short time. You could say that the most possible thing that would happen is the happening of the incident will just be delayed for a time.

Let’s try to think that I’ve actually traveled back in time, let’s call this timeline as Timeline B. So, I went home from school and decided to take a nap. I wake up at 9:00 pm and decided to do my projects. Around the time of 10:00 pm, the same thing happened and my mouse broke like it was in the previous timeline. So, in timeline A the original timeline), my mouse broke at around 9:00 pm. In timeline B, it just got delayed and broke at around 10:00 pm. I’m guessing that this is the highest possible result if I would actually go back in time, pretty much like Steins;Gate.


8 thoughts on “Will It Change The Future?”

  1. Are you suggesting that the mouse’s breaking is an item of key convergence, similar to that of the metal oopa, existing in both world lines yet being the same source of all trouble? If so, unless you can give the mouse to your cute blue-clad childhood friend as she tutturus~~ away, I’d consider yourself fairly screwed. 🙂

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    1. This took me a while before I can actually understand what you’re trying to say. My mind started to get confused again trying to recall the story of Steins; Gate.
      Yeah, it’s possible that the mouse’s breaking exists in both world lines. If I don’t do a thing about this, I might end up in infinite loops and possibly meeting myself in the past or the past me meets me in the future. I’m really screwed.
      Though, this really made my day haha. Loved the Steins; Gate reference that you wrote.

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