Fare Thee Well, Potaytoe

Potaytoe, I’ve been checking your website ever since we’ve shared website addresses to each other. I usually visit your blog if I have nothing to do or if I have some spare time. One thing’s for sure is that you surely write random things, which I don’t exactly get the point on why you’re writing on such a random topic. I guess that’s the reason why you made your blog title as “Random things and the like”. We have the same concept of idea, I too write about random things, but I mainly focus on writing about anime related things. Though you’re blog entries maybe random, I actually had fun reading your blog entries. I know that you’re reading this and I might as well say my farewell if you’re planning to quit writing blogs. For me if you’ll ask, I plan to continue making blogs and maybe make it as a hobby of mine. I get the point why you decided to stop writing blog entries. Procrastination sure is an enemy to all of us, but you actually got to finish the 110 blog entries for the school year. So, before I bid my farewell, I first want to congratulate you for reaching 110 blog entries. Congratulations!

Fare thee well, Potaytoe, owner of Random things and the like.


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