Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – Overview


Natsuki Subari is a just a normal shut-in NEET. One day, as Natsuki Subaru leaves the convenience store, he was unexpectedly transported into another fantasy world. By playing RPGs, he had good expectations for the world that he transported in, but things weren’t looking good for him.

Not long after he has been transported, he has been attacked by thugs; the only thing he has with him is a bag of groceries and his cell phone. Luckily, a peculiar beauty arrived before him. Satella, who was chasing after a thief that stole her insignia happens to see Subaru in his troublesome state and managed to save him from the thugs. Subaru then offered to help her search for her insignia as a way of saying thanks to the kind hearted girl.

They soon found where the insignia is located and quickly went to the location. But unknown to them is a dark force that lurks in the shadows that watches the two. Not so long after locating the insignia, Subaru and Satella were savagely murdered by the mysterious dark force.

However, Subaru awakens in a familiar scene – which was when he encountered the thugs. History repeated itself and he met Satella again. He later then found out that he has the ability to time leap when he is put to death, in which he later called it as “Return by De-”.






+ Unique story and has an original plot.

+ It went from 0 – 100 really quick.

+ The personality of the MC is good and a lot can relate to him.

+ Really dark, I mean a really really dark story.

+ RPG kind of vibe.


– The personality of the MC seems to not appeal to everyone.

– The community keeps on fighting on who is the best girl.


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