Akame ga Kill – Overview



Night Raid – a group of assassins that is formed to dethrone Prime Minister Honest, who uses the child emperor’s inexperience for his own advantages and for power and bringing corruption to the nation. Though, the Night Raid members include experienced killers, taking the lives of people brings a high risk of punishment. Thus, their relentless way of helping the nation holds dangerous consequences that has a possibility of threatening their lives.

Tatsumi  is a boy from a remote village who embarked on a journey to the nation to help his hometown. Unexpectedly, Tatsumi became a member of Night Raid. He later then learned the corruption of the government and vowed to make everything right. Facing powerful opponents, powerful assassins, and powerful weapons, he strives to do the very best he can do to become what is truly known to be an assassin.





+ Great fighting scenes.

+ Gives an RPG kind of vibe.

+ Swords, weapons, and more weapons.


– You may not like the ending.

– The story/ending is different from the manga (based from a friend of mine who read the manga).


11 thoughts on “Akame ga Kill – Overview”

  1. I recently started rewatching this (it’s been awhile and I don’t remember much other than thinking it was pretty meh) and while I liked the first episode a bit more than I remembered, I am finding the characters really hard to care about. Still, I am going to finish the rewatch and then review. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    1. It’s one of my favourites, at least. The reason I liked it is because of the story and it gives an RPG kind of vibe. I pretty much like these kind of genre. The disappointment in this anime is perhaps the ending. Didn’t really quite liked it though.

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  2. Did a review on this anime myself xD. Yeah the ending is just terrible, and doesn’t follow the manga. Akame ga zero apparently follows Akame in her early days. Haven’t read it though.

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    1. Hmmm… so Akame ga zero focuses more on Akame? Interesting, I may give it a read. But still, yeah… if they only followed the manga then I would surely like the anime. Not that I don’t like it, but the ending is what makes it bad.

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