Shirobako – Overview



Aoi Miyamori, Ema Yasuhara, Midori Imai, Shizuka Sakaki, Misa Toudo, the five members of the Kaminoyama High School Animation Club made their very first amateur animation and showed it to an audience at a culture festival. Their work turned out to be a success and they later turned what they did into their dream – to get jobs in the anime industry and create astonishing things.


Two and a half years later, Aoi Miyamori and Ema Yasuhara, two members of the club, have made their dreams into a reality. Now they have a job at a known production company called Musashino Animation. Working at an animation industry may seem really easy at first, but the girls later discovered that the animation industry is a tough job to have. The dream of working in the anime industry turns out to be one of the hardest and stressful jobs that you can ever think of.



+ Depicts how the anime industry works.

+ You will watch an anime in an anime.

+ You’ll learn how an anime is produced or created.



– Some episodes can get boring sometimes.


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