Mirai Nikki – Overview


Amano Yukiteru is a boy in his 2nd year of middle school. He has trouble making friends and he’s often alone and have no one to talk to, except his imaginary friend, Deus Ex Machina. He always write down everything that he see in his cell phone, like a diary of some sort.

Little did he know that his imaginary friend is apparently the Lord of Time and Space. He was talking to a powerful being without even knowing it. Deus Ex Machina, after seeing Amano Yukiteru’s sorrowful life, decided to give him a new power or ability. His cell phone diary now possesses the power to record events that will happen to him in the future. Though, not all good things will happen to him in the future. There is a chance that he will get a DEAD END, which is his death flag.

After having the ability, he is forced to participate in a so called “Survival Game” whose winner will decide in who will become Deus Ex Machina’s inheritor.




+ Great fighting scenes.

+ Dark story.

+ Survival game.

+ Has a lot of plot twists.


– You may not like the character development of the MC.

– Yuuukkiiii (Wait, is this a con? Maybe, because it annoyed the heck out of me).


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