The Life of wearing Eyeglasses

So I decided to write this random post because the frame of my eyeglasses broke yesterday. Yeah, it was really hard without wearing eyeglasses because my vision was really blurry ever since when I was a child. Maybe when I was at the age of 11 years old I started to wear glasses.

However even though wearing glasses makes my vision more clear, there are some advantages and disadvantages when wearing glasses.



  1. Foggy lenses when drinking hot drinks like coffee.
  2. Frequently cleaning the lenses, I’m too lazy to clean it so I just leave it as it is lol.
  3. Frequently adjusting your glasses.
  4. Wearing glasses leaves a mark on the bridge of your nose.
  5. When raining it sometimes the lenses gets all foggy when wet.
  6. Most of all, when someone takes off your glasses then says “How many fingers am I holding up?”


  1. Visions become clear.
  2. Your surroundings and everything you see becomes HD.

Now those are some of the disadvantages and advantages for me. For the “How many fingers am I holding up?”, this question made me really go wat. My vision is just blurry, I’m not really blind or anything. It’s just that your fingers become really blurry.

I fixed my frame with the good ol’ tape technique but I I’ll try to find more ways to fix it properly lol.


31 thoughts on “The Life of wearing Eyeglasses”

  1. Ahh, I will admit I too am gulity of asking my friends when they didn’t wear their glasses, “How many fingers am I holding up?” but in my defence that was way back when I was a kid…lol. Tape is always a life saver when you need a quick fix.

    Have you tried contact lenses? I know it’s pretty scary sticking your finger on your eyeball, but a lot of my friends told me they liked contacts.

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    1. Haha, that question is usually the most common question when you’re wearing glasses, some of my classmates still ask me that question lol.
      Yeah, the tape is the real mvp.
      I tried contact lenses once, it was a lot different than eyeglasses. The only thing that I’m having a hard time is putting them on. It doesn’t really scare me that much when I put them on. Still I prefer glasses tho


  2. Yeah. I am too lazy to clean as well lol. I usually will clean it like once every three months or so (when my mum forces me). Plus it really annoys me when friends take your glasses off and say, “how many fingers am I holding up?” Like dude… I have bad vision but I’m not blind. And then, they’ll have their thumb up aswell and I’ll say a number. Then they’ll say. “Yep. You’re blind. The thumb is not a finger” like U WOT M8? This is probably unique to my friends but still… I started wearing my glasses when I was 11 as well. But it hasn’t been long since I’m only 14 xDD

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    1. Yeah, I feel you bruh. Your example made me laugh lol, friends make reasons to make you look like you’re blind, same goes for me.
      Hey what a coincidence, I’m also 14 as well. 😀


      1. I turned 14 last November.
        Row is my nickname, so I decided to use that name for my blog
        I already knew the megane (glasses) part, but the mekakushi part, I just knew it today.


  3. Oh gosh I know that feel. Recently snapped my glasses in half, and I walked around for a month like ‘Harry Potter’ in the first film, with duct tap in the middle.

    My friend used to get so frustrated at how dirty my lens were so she would grab my glasses and clean them every now and again – sadly I was always shocked at how much better I could see!

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    1. Mine only broke from the side so it’s not that easy to notice. But for you, if it’s in the middle then it’s easily noticed.
      You’re lucky to have a friend like that lol, yeah cleaned lenses have a huge difference from dirty lenses, cleaned lenses seem more clear and you could see better.

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      1. Haha yeah it’s pretty bad, I might end up getting new ones, the duct tape isn’t holding as well and sometimes my glasses start splitting into two halves while I’m walking around.
        I am, except she moved to another state, so I’m stuck with dirty glasses for the foreseeable future 😥

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  4. That sucks man. Buying new specs costs so much money.

    I used to only wear glasses to see distant objects (like the blackboard in school) but nowadays I need to have them on permanently. I tried contacts for a while, but found glasses to be more convenient.

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    1. Yeah, new specs are so expensive, so whenever I broke my glasses frame. I would fix it with tape and wear it like for a month or two before buying another new frame.
      Yeah same, I still prefer glasses over contacts.

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  5. I buy my glasses online. I’ve ordered from a couple different places, but Zenni seems to be the best for both quality and price. I have probably a dozen pairs. I would never go to contacts; I’m too lazy. I do have to keep my lenses clean or else it drives me crazy.

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    1. I usually buy from an optical shop, but I checked Zenni and it does look like it has good qualities and the prices are ok, maybe sometimes I will buy my glasses online.
      Same here. I’m also too lazy to wear contacts.
      Well, it’s better if the lenses are clean tho.

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