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Infinity Dreams Award #2!

So Krystallina of Daiyamanga nominated me for the Infinity Dreams Award. This marks our second award for the Infinity Dreams category, Yay! Thanks Krystallina!



  1. List seven dreams. (They can be personal or website related.)
  2. Nominate seven other bloggers/authors/dogs for this award and notify them.


1. To go to Japan.
I always wanted to try to go to Japan. I want to experience the different cultures of other countries. But mostly, I want to visit Akihabara lol. Well, if I’m planning to go to Japan, I should start to study the Japanese language.

2. To make a manga.
Well, I always wanted to try to create my very own manga, my friends also wants to try to create our very own manga. I know it’s a lot of hard work, but it’s ok for us. I have a group of friends who’s already interested in making a manga, the only problem is the story and how we will draw it since we’re still in the stage of practicing on how to draw.

3. To make a lot of fan arts, mainly on anime characters.
I love to draw and I’m currently practicing a lot to be good at drawing. There’s still a lot of improvement that I need to undergo though.

4. To make our own light novel.
If we can’t handle making manga, We’ll just stick to something more simple. I have a lot of stories that comes up inside my head but I always forget to write them, so for the next day, I can’t remember the story that I made lol.

5. To become good at editing videos.
I also want to try to edit videos. I already have a powerful program that can edit videos, the problem is that my laptop is not that really high powered. I need like a gaming laptop to run this program smoothly. The reason why I want to be good at editing videos is that I want to try to create Anime MVs.

6. To have a PS Vita or PS4
I already own an Xbox 360 I don’t really have that much games. Xbox is already good but the reason I want a PS4 or a PS Vita because most of the anime related games are for PS Vita or PS4. Basically like Sword Art Online, I want to try to play those kinds of games.

7. To attend an anime convention where you guys are also there.
Well, I want to meet all of you guys. I’m talking about all of you guys who supports me, not just the ones who supports me but other bloggers who’s also into anime. It’s more fun if we can see each other personally.


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Now that ends the award for today. Once again, Thanks Krystallina! This will be my last blog for the month of September. I want to continue to blog because there has been so many events that have happened lately, but I have already reached 20 blogs for the month of September, so I’ll continue to blog next month (October).


Infinity Dreams Award!

Kausus of Otaku Gamer Zone just nominated me for the Infinity Dream Award. Thanks Kausus! Well, it’s been a month since I was nominated for this award, it really took me a long time to write this because of my busy schedule for this month, but now I decided that I will start to blog this award. Also, this is the second award for my blog, Hooray!


  1. List seven dreams (They can be personal or website related).
  2. Nominate seven other bloggers/authors/dogs for this award and notify them.

Now let’s start listing our seven dreams, I mean my seven dreams.


  1. To know myself more. Well, I basically don’t know myself a lot yet, but someday I want know my true self. I’m still a high school student, so that’s probably the reason why I still don’t know myself a lot.
  2. To have a gaming laptop. Basically, my laptop for today is just a normal laptop, so it can’t handle some games and programs that smoothly, it lags as hell. The reason why I want a gaming laptop is so that I can play games on my laptop smoothly and can run other programs smoothly. Also, I want to run Photoshop on a smoother device to enable smoother editing, because sometimes when I use Photoshop on my current laptop, it sometimes becomes very laggy. (Maybe I should start saving up money for a gaming laptop).
  3. To improve my skills in drawing and editing. I’m currently studying Photoshop right now, and I want to learn more about editing images. In addition to editing, I also like to draw, but in my own opinion, I need a lot of improvement for my drawing skills.
  4. To have a graphics tablet. I really want to try doing some sketches in the computer, that’s why I want to have a graphics tablet. I know that digital art and traditional art has a difference to each other, but it also have some similarities. Converting to traditional art drawing to digital art drawing is kinda difficult, but I’m up for the challenge.
  5. I guess I’ll include it here even though it’s a long way to go. To finish high school. Yeah, to finish high school. In my current school system here in my country, there have been some changes. In the old school system, I will graduate next year and move to college. But for the current time, I will have 3 more years of high school before I can graduate and move to college.
  6. To turn this website into something more wonderful. I don’t know what kind of wonderful thing that this website will turn into. Whether this website will turn into my career or other stuffs like that. But I guess I’ll leave it to the future to plan on what is going to be the outcome of my website for the upcoming future.
  7. Lastly, is to have a decent career. Well, I plan to become a graphics artist for my career, or a career on something computer-related. I like to turn my skills in Photoshop and my skills in drawing into a career.


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Now, that’s the end for the Infinity Dreams Award, a late end to be precise.