Exams once again!

Examinations determine our capability if we have learned something from the lessons of the teachers. We are given exams to know if we have truly understood the concept of the teacher’s lessons. Studying is really necessary. In order for us to pass the exams, of course we must study the lessons that are taught to us.


So this coming Monday (September 21, 2015), we will be having our second quarter long test. We have 2 exams per quarter; the one is the long test, which we are going to take this week, and the other one is the periodical test, which we are going to take I think next month.

Another tiresome week is coming slowly and slowly, I hope that I will survive this week. So starting tomorrow, I’ll start to review for the upcoming exam. Being a high school student sure is hard, what more if I reached college, I’m sure that it would be even harder than a high school life.


3 thoughts on “Exams once again!”

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