My mom insisted that we should leave early to avoid traffic. So… me being a really punctual person, agreed to leave as early as possible. I’m glad that we left early because on the way going to the place, there has been some quite traffic along the road. But it got cleared on eventually. My estimation of our travel time was approximately 45 minutes; we got there at around 3:30, 30 minutes before the call time which is 4:00 in the afternoon. Arriving there, I saw some of my classmates (J-O, if you are reading this), they were quite few though, maybe because it was still really early to be there, but it’s fine. It’s better to be punctual than to be late.

So, I keep on chatting my classmate that there was some quite traffic if they will not leave soon. He didn’t really listen to me and he said that it was fine for him. Well, he didn’t actually got late on the assigned scheduled call time, so it’s fine for me whether he left early or not.


3 thoughts on “Departure”

  1. I tell you something it may seem odd: my mother is an extremely punctual woman. She always arrives an hour before the scheduled time. If I arrive only half an hour before, she keeps saying to me that I am awfully late 😀

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