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Good Bye!

Yo! It has been a long time since my last blog post. My blog site has been on hiatus for a while now and I rarely open it anymore (I think I didn’t open my account for around 5 months). Yes, as seen from the title, I’m going to stop writing blogs for now. So, I just wanted to say thank you for everyone that supported me all through out this little blog of mine. It was a great experience as a way of expressing my interests and it also contributed to the improvement of my writing skills (e.g. by also reading other people’s blog posts). I am glad that our teacher decided to make this site our project (grade 9 and grade 10), it taught me many lessons and it made me joyous that other people read what I write about, people with same interests and same topics. Now the reason I’m going to stop writing is because I’m now going to a university this coming August. I will now become a grade 11 student and I think that I will have no time for writing blog posts anymore. Since I am an avid procrastinator, stopping from writing blogs will surely lessen my tasks to do for the day and it will also clear out my mind of thinking about writing blog posts. So, thanks again, to everyone that I became close with and to all my readers and supporters. Maybe I’ll come back to this site in the near future… who knows? Time will have its way… Have a good day and good bye!
Rrowbyte now signing off (for the meantime)…